How Will X-Men And Fantastic 4 Enter The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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X-Men and Fantastic 4

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest franchise as of yet. It comprises of 23 movies as of today, and many more are coming in the future. As many of you already know, the MCU is based on Marvel comics. These comics have been publishing since 1941! Will MCU be able to bring back characters like X-Men and Fantastic 4?

How did Marvel lose X-Men and Fantastic 4?

But unlike in MCU, Marvel used to own Fantastic 4, X-Men, Deadpool, Inhumans too. The movies of X-Men and Fantastic 4 that we have watched are not Marvel’s property.

During the 1990s, Marvel was on the verge of bankruptcy. To avoid this, Marvel sold the rights of Fantastic 4, X-Men, and Spiderman to other companies. Since then, they are producing those movies.

Spiderman recently returned to MCU under a special deal with Sony. During last years’ meeting, Marvel finally bought back the rights of X-Men and Fantastic 4 after trying for the previous ten years.

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Is Marvel complete now?

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The Complete Marvel Cinematic Universe

So now, with almost all of the Marvel characters back with Marvel, they can finally launch off good stories and include famous names like Wolverine, Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, and any more into the ever-expanding Cinematic Universe.

MCU completed its phase 3 with Spiderman: Far from Home. After that, there remain high hopes for these characters to be introduced.

When will these movies return?

But during March, when Marvel announced its list of movies and their probable dates of movies, it was pretty much clear that MCU is set up to 2024 with its Phase 4. But don’t let down your hopes.

The Backbone of MCU, Kevin Feige confirmed in an interview that they are indeed planning to introduce X-Men and Fantastic 4 movies in Phase 5.

Our best hope is to introduce X-Men characters in Black Panther 2. At the same time, their insights will be given in Doctor Strange into the Universe of Madness as it is an excellent chance to interlink different dimensions into our dimension.

Another rumor is that the Stark tower, which was sold in Avengers 2, is rumored to be bought either by Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom Marvel’s prominent villain.

But assuming anything about it at this moment is very tough as we can’t imagine which way MCU will go. But there is assurance that it will be good.