Indian Matchmaking: Honest Reviews!! The Big-Fat Indian Wedding Drama.

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With every episode of Indian Matchmaking, it shows up as though the Netflix series is making a decent attempt to sell the concept of arranged marriage. Adorable old couples describe tales from their long time ago wedded life together, confirming that the framework truly works. The lead matchmaker of the show, Sima Taparia, more than once expresses that relationships are made in heaven while likewise declaring her job as a perfect agent on earth. Educated, Rich, beautiful, pleasant singles express their depression, defenselessness, and requirement for an accomplice as though an arranged marriage is the chief solution.


The web series coordinated by Smriti Mundhra, whose short documentary St. Louis Superman won an Oscar. Lying precariously somewhere close to the real world and drama, the show is set in the US, Mumbai and Delhi, and follows Mumbai-based Sima as she goes globetrotting looking for reasonable singles to coordinate. Words like alteration, bargain, and adaptability are tossed in like clockwork – they are the very quintessence of marriage as indicated by her.

What is Indian Matchmaking about

Well, Netflix had dropped from creating shows of dating for India to making a satire show on getting married. Netflix has made a show that revolves around the nosy-aunty of every Indian House. Her sole aim is to settle you in a marriage.

A snap from Indian Matchmaking Season1 Episode3
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Words like “flexible”, “compromise” & “adjusting” are used so often, that if it was a drinking game, viewers would pass out in the First few episode itself. According to Sima Aunty, this is how marriage works -by being “flexible”, doing “compromise” & “adjusting”.

And ofcourse there is a list of criteria that you should step right on before you think of marriage. If you are “short”, “fat”, or “dark” please drop the idea of getting married.

Before you get in the business, Remember You will be Judged and then they’ll casually say “Nahi Nahi Hum Open Minded hai”.

Is it worth watching?

Be it as it may, Indian Matchmaking is not completely hypothetical. It does point out some nasty annoying rules that still prevail in our country. While some refer the show as “perfect-trash” to binge watch when you have nothing better to do. Some others say it’s rooted in “systemic structures of oppression.”

Hate it or Love it, Indian Matchmaking has been in the top 10 list of Netflix since it released. We don’t hate Sima Aunty but she ain’t any super-woman too. At least her comedy & pure-hearted sarcasm make the show bearable.

Well, that’s all from the show for now. Stay safe Stay tuned for more such content!