Is Dee Bliss making her permanent return to “Neighbours”?

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Dramatic, should be the correct word about her periods in Neighbours. But the star who plays Dee Bliss and Andrea Somers, both, Madeleine West has disclosed that she could well be open to making a full-time return to the Australian soap.

It’s all about attachment.

Where did she Vanish these long years?

In 2000, she made her first appearance. Dee with many ups and downs before making a dramatic exit from the show in her 2003 wedding to Toadie Rebecchi. Fans assumed for years that she wasn’t dead. She had instead done a Harold Bishop – vanishing at sea only to return years later.

So the story of her return was more dramatic than the assumptions she is dead.
She is returning as the sinister doppelganger Andrea, who later turned out to be the twin of Dee.

Beat the beast.
A true confusion is always there.


What’s the whole plot of these scenes?

She had undergone a lot 17 years ago; there were a lot of delusions and difficulty caused before she left the town. She returned later, and so did her mother, Heather. It wasn’t long before the real Dee resurfaced with a lot of blanks to fill in for a stunned Toadie.

As for the significance of both characters currently, Andrea is presently serving time and following Elly going to the prison. She will once again start bending the locks to get what she wants. Her return also gets Dee, and so the two sisters can get to know each other better in the town.

The reality is too harsh?
The reality can never be unseen!.

Let’s count the twist and turn?

The latest chapter, seems to have many twists and turns to come, but when spoke to West, we couldn’t control but eventually asked. One of the most critical questions, it’s a permanent return to the show. With the positive response and this time, may be it was on her cards, too.
“I think Fremantle to make that happen, but I doubt I’d say no, you’re going to have to lobby the boffins at Neighbours, but I doubt I’d say no!”

Well, it looks like if the writers want her fully back, all they need to do is just ask her. Over makers, Jason Herbison, to get the ball rolling on that full-time contract.