Is Messiah being Revoked ? Netflix comments!

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Netflix Revokes “Messiah”?

While Netflix continues its quest to get the most number of eyeballs on its site, giving the go-ahead head for different seasons of various popular shows such as Sex Education Season 3, Stranger Things Season 4, etc. Which was under construction before the world was hit by COVID-19  apocalypse, etc.

But its quest it has revoked many shows underway for different seasons, which has happened in the past too. This cancellation move leads to many heartbreaks. In addition to that list now, the popular show “Messiah” has been added.

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Forgot Messiah? Let’s go back a bit!

Messiah is an American series aired on New Year’s eve on Netflix. The series portrays a  man who gains international popularity and attention, just because of the various events that occur after his first appearance in the middle east.

People of the middle east believe him to be the son of Jesus or as the incarnation of Jesus. The boost in popularity of this guy draws the attention of a CIA officer on him. The quest to know about the guy starts.

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Cast Reacting on the Cancellation?

On cancellation of the series, the star of the show Will Travel said,” It is tragic that the show had come to an abrupt end, just got the information from the team. Also, from Netflix that there won’t be any next season for Messiah.

Anyway, as the show must go on, I would like to thank all my fans and well-wishers for their immense love and support. I so wish to have been another page.”

Other casts of the show also expressed their grief on the same. Michael Petroni, the maker of the show, said, he had various ideas for the show to continue for at least to more seasons.

He expressed his sadness on the sudden outbreak of the cancelation news. He also mentioned, to have watched the series after it being shot and edited, and it looked like the beginning of a story.

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What’s the story behind “Cancellation”?

There was no problem from the makers and cast side, so why there is no season 2?

Netflix usually doesn’t explain its deeds. But on this issue, a senior official said that we invest in shows to get a return. Cancel shows that don’t give them the amount of return they expect.

They said, they do stream shows for critical acclaims but only if their investors allow as it’s their money, not his.

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Few more speculations behind the cancellation?

But apart from this, there are various reasons and theories in the market behind the discontinuation of the Messiah.

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There are reports that Netflix discontinued the series because of its multi-location shoots, as the show has to get shot in many countries, which is not possible during the current apocalypse.

There are also reports that the series hit the sentiments of people as they were not happy for it to be shot in the temple of Jerusalem. Some say it had a violent atmosphere and created a sense of violence in the viewers.

These are speculations that are believed to be the reason behind NO SEASON TWO OF MESSIAH.