Jennifer Aniston says The Morning Show for her was ’20 years of therapy’ wrapped into 10 episodes.

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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most celebrated artists of her genre. Whether it be her iconic portrayal as Rachel Green in the fabulous sitcom Friends or her infamous divorce with Brad Pitt, Aniston has had the spotlight on her for more than two decades and counting. This is why Jennifer could relate in a friendly way to the feisty, vulnerable Alexy Levy on The Morning Show. The character herself has to battle her inner demons while providing a happy image in front of the audience pretty much what Jennifer did for a long time.

Here’s what Jennifer Aniston said

In a frank interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 51-year-old actress said, “That show was 20 years of therapy wrapped into ten episodes. There were times when I would read a scene and feel like a whole sewer cover was taken off my back.” Describing how playing Alex was “cathartic,” Aniston shared it was unusual for her to look at how she always has tried to normalize being fine. However, she notes that there also are moments when you have your breakdown, which Jennifer refers to as her ‘Calgon, take me away’ moments.

Recalling The Morning Show Season 1’s second episode when Levy has a major meltdown, Aniston she said, “There have been moments — not to that level of hysteria — but moments of ‘I don’t want to f*****g go here,’ ‘I don’t want to walk out onto the carpet,’ ‘I don’t want to be seen,’ ‘I don’t want to be looked at, and everyone’s going to be talking about me and judging me’… that’s real.”

What did you recall of Jennifer Aniston’s performance as Alex Levy on The Morning Show?

Well, Rachel, real-life sucks, and you have to love it!!!

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