Joker 2: 5 Things To Know About Rumored Sequel Starring Joaquin Phoenix


Joker 2 seems prone to happen, which implies that the protagonist should throw Batman to combat Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck — here are a couple of suggestions on who should play with. Joker has become a movie industry hit and a film business game-changer. The first R-rated motion film in history to break $1 billion albums around the planet, Joker is currently the most lucrative comic-book movement picture. With this, here is a selection of entertainers who may play with the Dark Knight at a spin-off of Joker.

The Whiplash driving guy has had more expertise co-featuring in Divergent motion photos compared to severe dramas in the last decade. Be as it may, his invasions into darker complaints such as The Dramatic Now find acting cleaves that will make him fit right into the world of Joker. Such turns have frequently had Teller efficiently playing with darker and ethically convoluted men and women.

The most recognized only out this rundown, Armie Hammer, was made to play with the character of Batman in George Miller’s version of Justice League in 2007. That movie never seemed, however, why don’t you provide Hammer another chance in the job at the constraints of a stripped-down dramatization?

Harris Dickinson is a title that’s new to a lot of people’s radars, but his job on a year past’s miniseries Trust at the task of J. Paul Getty III was all that might be required to ensure he would leave an effect on the people who saw it.


Following his turn at Dunkirk 2 decades, Styles has not communicated great excitement for attaining more movie acting, as detected by him turning down the chance to play with Prince Eric at Disney’s no-frills spin on The Little Mermaid. Be as it might, possibly Styles would become once more into behaving whenever permitted to perform Joker two’s interpretation of Batman.


Between his job on When They See Us and especially at a guest spot on Watchmen, Jovan Adepo has solidified himself as an ability to keep a lookout for in 2019. The final was an especially fantastic exhibit because of his endowments as an on-screen character. It flaunted Adepo’s capability to address ethically overwhelming and genuinely amazing jobs in a way that would fit right in with the world of Joker.