Kamala: WWE Star Passes away at 70!

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James Harris also known as “Kamala” or “The Ugandan Giant” or “A great character” and “A tremendously nice man.” WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) announced his sudden death on Sunday, August 9, 2024.

He’s well known for his appearance in the WWF(World Wrestling Federation) stage, that is the 1980s and 90s. With a 6-foot 7-inch (204.2 cm) height and 38- pound (172.4 kg) body, he has confronted against the greatest Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Andre, the Giant.

WWE voiced that, “He terrorized opponents and thrilled audiences in Mid-South, World Class Championship Wrestling, WCW, and WWE until 2006.”

Some wrestlers paid wishes to him by socializing #ripkamala. Some posts by former wrestlers like Da Pope and Scotty Rigs highlighted the efforts of this great man. Even Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, Bret Hart, and Mike Foley put forth their grieves and condolences.

Hulk Hogan sad wishes to Kamala's death
Hulk Hogan’s Instagram post on Kamala.

What lead to Kamala’s death?

Kamala being live until 2006 then started developing ailments. In 2011, his left leg amputated below the knee. Reasons behind it being high Blood Pressure and Diabetes. He had raised a campaign back then to cover his medical expenses. Both his legs were amputated, leading to an emergency surgery in 2017, and still stood out with certain complications.

Jason King, a sportswriter, contacted his wife and got to know that Kamala tested positive on Wednesday, August 5, 2024, for CoVid. He was hospitalized tat day itself, seemed excellent in a few days, but unexpectedly went into a Cardiac Arrest.

Jason King tweets the reason for Kamala's death

Difficulties that Kamala faced!

Kamala, born in Mississippi, a crime-infested neighborhood, faced many difficulties. His father died by a gunshot, when he lost a game of dice.

He had to support his family by doing small jobs. He used to compete in a lot of territories before he got scouted by WWE. His character portrayal gave him the name “The Ugandan Giant” and gained the Ring name “Kamala.”

Harris did not win the WWF championship though he competed with a handful of big names. He rose to fame soon after that but never earned enough from WWE. Later, he won a heavyweight championship in USWA. His camaraderie with Huk Hogan let him to contact WCW. In a year, he started going downhill due to his lack of activities.

Later, he got diagnosed with diseases and never took proper care.

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