Lucifer Season 6: The Unanswered Questions!

Image: Netflix

Lucifer, the avatar of evil, is an apparent personalization of violence, destruction and devilish behaviour. It is an American TV series, wherein, Lucifer Morningstar, initially residing in hell, comes to Earth, and lives in LA.

Lucifer Season 6: What information do we have?

On June 6, 2019, Netflix finally renewed the series for the fifth season and expected the final season to be of 16 episodes. However, in March 2024, Tom Ellis and other stars of the show were heard to have been signed up for a sixth season to be produced by Netflix, and Warner Bros. Official confirmation is yet to be received.

Lucifer: Will season five make it to the finale?

As filming for season five progressed, the outbreak of COVID-19 stalled production just as Netflix was beginning to shoot the season finale.

Lucifer Image: Netflix

There is no doubt that season five will make its way back to Netflix. But the recent reports of contract difficulties between Tom Ellis and Warner bros might turn to be a trouble for Lucifer’s future.

The contract talks between Netflix and the star of Lucifer, Tom Ellis, reach a standstill which signifies that future of the fantasy show is still up in the air.

Lucifer: Will there be a sixth season?

Despite the news of the new deal proving to make good headway, the latest reports suggest that hopes for the sixth season have come almost to an end.

TVLine had already reported that Tom had secured a deal for the sixth season earlier, but the recent development could put the star in breach of his contract.


Lucifer: History so far

Lucifer went on to retain its recognition throughout its fourth season on the giant streaming platform, and the fans had their fingers crossed its apparent longevity would continue well into the future.

Image: NetFlix

When the viewers last left the gripping series, Lucifer had seemingly fulfilled his prophecy and reclaimed his underground throne.

Despite season five been declared as the ‘fifth and final’ season, fans were hoping Lucifer’s resurgence in popularity could indicate another season was on the way.

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Lucifer: What is the reason behind the disputes?

The report from TVLine confirmed that, although Warner Bros had the upper hand, they have already tried to make the best deal for Tom Ellis several times.

They said: “Everyone wants Tom to be happy. But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.”

It is not yet clear if the contract disputes are related to asking of salary for the sixth season by the star or some additional demands.


Lucifer: What can we expect?

Until February, 2024, the news was in favour of Lucifer to continue beyond the fifth season.

The show has had quite a rocky history considering the cancellation and renewal. Thus, there is yet a rare ray of hope among the fans. Unfortunately, it appears as if hell has finally frozen over for the fantasy thriller, and only a miracle could resurface the discussions for season 6.