Meghan McCain: Feelinglike a “Shamu” upon the Arrival of her Due Date!

Meghan McCain

Meghan Marguerite McCain is an American columnist, author, and television personality. She’s the daughter of the politician John McCain and Cindy McCain, a businesswomanMeghan has stayed under the spotlight since her early years.

She has worked for top industries and productions. Meghan also joined as the permanent co-host of The View, in 2017.

Baby’s day Out~

Meghan McCain announced her pregnancy on March 2024 with her husband, Ben Domenech. At first, she did not want the internet trolls picking up on her unborn child after what happened to her dad. So McCain remained off from the biz and media for a long time. She wanted her family to have as much privacy as possible during that time.

Meghan McCain

With the belly of Meghan McCain getting bigger and bigger day by day, the final due date seems near.

Meghan and her husband, Ben Domenech
Meghan with her husband, Ben Domenech!

McCain gave the fans an update of her life. A top-knotted bun, with full face makeup and a black blouse, she posted a selfie on Instagram recently. She captioned it as Topknot Friday. Meghan added that her baby would come out in two and a half weeks. She further writes that she tries to make herself look as stylish as possible and hence feels like a Shamu.

Meghan McCain ~

Meghan’s father laid down with cancer before a few years. Upon sharing her personal life with the audience, Meghan got attacked on all types of media platforms. Since the pregnancy she stayed out of the limelight, and tried revealing less than before. Finally, with the pregnancy news, she surprised the fans with a quick social media post focusing on the new light of newborn child. The fans seem quite excited to see how cute the baby will turn out.

After a fortnight and some more of a wait the LilMeghan McCain will come out of the womb and be able to experience the outer world.

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