Money Heist: All about the new looter Manila a.k.a Belén Cuesta


The Spanish T.V. crime series, Money Heist, filled in as a significant hero to numerous individuals during the ebb and flow COVID-19 lockdown as the new season of the show was debuted recently on Netflix. Money Heist Season 4 has just taken the top spot at Netflix’s most-watched appears. We wouldn’t lie on the off chance that we said that the ladies rule “Money Heist.”

In season four, the show creatives introduced another character on the thieves’ side: Julia, otherwise known as Manila (Belén Cuesta).

Who is Manila in Money Heist Season 4?

Belén Cuesta Llamas (brought into the world 24 January 1984) is an actress with a Spanish background. She right now resides in Madrid. Even though, for the most part, known as a theater actress, she has additionally shown up in numerous movies, programs, and promotions. Her film credits incorporate Holy Camp!, Kiki, Love to Love, Hierro, and The Warning. Her T.V. credits include Paquita Salas, Ella es tu padre, and Money Heist

Coming back to Money Heist, the actress stated, “It was fun; however, you have the sentiment of being the new understudy in class, and everyone knows one another. Be that as it may, luckily, I have superb co-actors, which made things simple. I felt especially welcome. They caused me quiet and to feel great. My partners have been thoughtful to me.” 

If you were focusing during season three, Manila was in the show as one of the prisoners in the Bank of Spain. Back then, we figured she would be an extra; however, we didn’t have the opportunity to know more.

Manila in Money Heist would be an individual who the professor trusts, and he would permit her to join the group in another heist. Up until this point, Manila has been staying under the radar and staying with the prisoner gathering. All we know is that she’s acceptable with a firearm and can keep a decent poker face. She additionally some way or another relates to Denver and his dad Moscow.

Money Heist Season 4

In a depiction of Cuesta’s character, it says she is a “godchild of Moscow and Denver’s cherished companion.” The depiction peruses: “She is a transwoman who joins the pack and postures as one of the prisoners during the theft of the Bank of Spain.” 

Fans of the series are merely going insane on the new section. Having said that, They need to watch the complete season four, however, to discover significantly progressively about new looter Manila.

P.S. We don’t want to give the spoilers. 😉