Will Manila Kill Arturo Roman in Money Heist Season 5? Fans want justice! 


Arturo Roman, played by Enrique Arce, was an employee in the Royal Mint of Spain. He was taken down by the gang twice in both the parts, 1 and 2. Anyone who watches Money Heist, knows by now that Arturo is a piece of trash.

As Season 3 began, we only saw Arturo very little. He used to lie to millions using his career as a stage host. As soon as Arturo heard that the gang decides to take the Bank of Spain, he barges in, to become the hero. Unlike other hostages, he runs into the bank and locks himself.

Money Heist season 4
Money Heist Season 4
Image: Netflix

This alone gives an actual motive for the gang to kill him. But he makes it even more worse this time by turning into a rapist. He provides a hostage with drugs to calm her down, and when she is drowsy, he takes advantage of her.

Why is Arturo even back?

Fans are still asking Alex Pina that why did he even bring Arturo back? It seems like a dumb choice, as he denies the charges of rape as any accused rapist does. But, the best part of that episode was when a hostage shot him in his leg for the same.

After the first Heist, Arturo got to play the hero. But, after these actions, no hostage is ready to believe him. When the victim and the other hostages stand up against Arturo, Juila aka Manilla(Belen Cuesta), shot him. She was the part of the gang, who was disguised as a hostage.

There was no reason for Arturo to enter the bank. But, now as he has come, he has only caused trouble being a total crap of a person. Nothing justifies his actions and this time he is not going to escape this.

Fans want justice. But Death? That is not so sure.

As the season approaches to an end, everybody is equally disgusted by him, be it the hostages or the fans. But, those who saw Money Heist know that be is still alive by the end of Season 4. Will his character be killed in Season 5? Well, we are not sure of that.

The only reason Arturo is continuing in the show is to show opposition. He is the one shown as the voice who believes that the heist was just a crime and not a protest. If there will be a new voice that will stand as an opposition, his character can be replaced. But, the debate is, it cannot be just another person. It should be strong person, as people are more in support of the heist, thanks to Rio’s torture and Lisbon being held against her will.

Who can replace Arturo?

As of now, there is one person who can seem to replace Arturo. That person is, The chief of security, Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga). He can be the new Arturo, but a more deadly version. He was the one who managed to escape and call help from outside. Meanwhile, he also played with the gang members and made them suffer.

If Gandia steps up as a new opposition, and talk to people about his struggle as a hostage, Arturo can go. After being accused as a rapist, no one will work with him, and he can disappear from everyone’s life.

Money Hiest Season 4
A still of Arturo from Money Hiest Season 4
Image: Netflix

If it is up to the fans, they do not even want to watch Arturo and want him to be dead after what he did. But there is no confirmation about his character’s position in Season 5 as of now.

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