Money Heist: Why was Berlin almost removed, the creator answers the questions.


Netflix’s Spanish series Money Heist has spoke to the crowd all-inclusive. It has become the most mainstream non-English show on the streaming giant. Fans got disillusioned when they saw the demise of one of the most well-known characters of Money Heist in season 4 — Berlin (Pedro Alonso). He was a significant piece of the heist. Not long after Berlin’s, fans went haywire and posted their baffled reviews via social media.

In a recently released Netflix documentary titled Money Heist: The Phenomenon, maker and author Álex Pina opened up about how individuals requested that he expel the scalawag from the show. “Somebody said to me, this character doesn’t fit with the occasions. ‘You should remove him from the series’,” he said. He accepted that the series had space for imperfect character. The crowd ought to get the chance to choose if they like him or not.

“I said I did not expect to remove him from the series. He’s a sexist, narcissist and insane person from multiple points of view, But we could have a character like that in the series, and the crowd could openly choose whose side they’re on, right?” he included. The essayist accepts that the character was one reason why individuals began watching the show and got snared. “If TV is boring, it’s exhausting because less things occur. The crowd needs things to occur, and there’s nothing better than a scalawag who we can identify with,” he stated.

A still from the show
Image: Netflix

Who is Berlin in Money Heist?

Berlin, or Andrés de Fonollosa (played by Pedro Alonso), was El Professor’s sibling in the show. He is one of the criminal brains behind the first heist. He assumed the job of skipper in Money Heist Season 1 and Season 2 that manages printing money in Royal Mint of Spain. He yielded his life in Money Heist season 2 while halting the police to give an additional opportunity to his group to get away and complete the heist. In any case, because of the fame of his character, he was brought back in Money Heist season 3 and season 4 in flashbacks where he is indicated contriving the arrangement of significantly higher heist of Bank of Spain. Ideally, fans will get the chance to see him in up and coming Money Heist season 5 through flashbacks.