Money Heist Season 5 – Who Will Die Next?

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist Season 5 Image: The Buzz Paper

Money Heist has taken fans through emotional turmoil for the last four seasons. The writers of the series aren’t afraid of killing favorite characters of fans. They already did this with Oslo, Berlin, Moscow, and Nairobi.

May fans believed that some of the characters could have been saved, but they weren’t. After the end of Season 4, fans are speculating who is going to die next.

Many believe that it will be either Palermo or Helsinki. Helsinki was never seriously injured before so that he might be next. Their death will be a significant hit for the team.

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Money Heist – Palermo and Helsinki: Image: La Casa De Papel

On the other hand, a fan spotted a connection in the deaths of previous characters. According to him, the next character that will die will be either Denver or Stockholm.

He said, “…First was Oslo. Helsinki suffered. The second was Moscow. Denver suffered. Third was Berlin. Professor and Palermo suffered. Fourth was Nairobi. Helsinki suffered again…Rio was tortured. So now we add one more character in the line, and it looks that way: Oslo – Moscow – Berlin – Rio – Nairobi. If they keep going that way, Denver or Stockholm will die next.” 

Denver from Money Heist
Denver from Money Heist
Image: Oprah Magazine

We will wait till Season 5 to see which of the fan-favorite character will die next. Speculations are in the air, but they are nothing more than speculations. Only the next season will tell who will die next.

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