Money Heist Season 5 | Fans Want This Character Dead


Money Heist Season 4 just released last month on April 3, 2024. With all the three previous parts of the series, the ups and downs were attached. In the fourth part, fans noticed something that disappointed them and may resist them watching the show for the fifth season. There is something that the fans want from the directors to be done in Money Heist Season 5.

Money Heist
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In this article, we’ll be talking about what happened in season 4 that the fans are showing ‘resistance’. Hence this post will contain spoilers, and if you haven’t watched the latest season yet, you are advised to leave the page right away.

This post will definitely leave you knowing the main suspense of season 4. You can watch all the four parts of the Money Heist on the online streaming platform, Netflix.

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This Character should Die in Money Heist Season 5

If you have seen the fourth part of the series, you now know that Nairobi died in the last part. Gandia shot her dead. Even after struggling the fight with death due to the bullet she got when she was tricked by Alicia Sierra, she survived.

On the advice of Palermo, the crazy Character who lost his cool when he was dismissed as the leader of the group, Gandia was able to get himself free from the handcuffs. He used Rio’s weakness to run from the place where all the hostages were kept.

Gandia Money Heist
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He then managed to capture Tokyo and got Nairobi nearly killed. Threw a grenade at Rio and Denver in the lift, which they luckily survived. He was even able to tie and hang Helsinki and was just about to die.

After all the things he did, he made everyone in the team agree to let him go free. He made a deal, and Nairobi would be forgiven if it goes accordingly.

He ditched the crew, shot Nairobi in the head, wasn’t wearing a bulletproof jacket, didn’t catch a single bullet, and even survived a grenade attack.

How? Numerous questions raised in the minds of the fans. Why nobody was able to kill Gandia and how he survived the attack.

Well, the creators definitely have the answers, all the fans want is, Gandia to be shot dead in Season 5.