Captain Marvel and Supergirl have some Shocking Similarities! Why do they have the same last name?

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It’s no surprise that many Marvel and DC characters have some striking similarities. This has been a topic of discussion for years now. Captain Marvel and Supergirl are two such characters from Marvel and DC, respectively.

Marvel and DC have been competitors for years now, and their fans have some serious loyalty towards them. Mostly, Marvel fans don’t watch DC and vice-versa. But, fans always seem to be comparing and evaluating different characters from both the studios.

There have been many instances when Marvel and DC characters were found to be similar. Their names, appearance, power sets, etc. sometimes have very striking similarities.

Why do Captain Marvel and the Supergirl have the same last name, “Danvers”?

Out of all the similarities, this one is quite apparent and runs much deeper. Also, both are blonde beauties. No one knows the real reason behind these similarities. But, let’s have a look at what could be the possible reasons.

Sometimes, this happens when the creators of these characters switch the studio. So, when the person who has created a particular character joins the opposite organization, this kind of similarity is pretty much expected. Hence, this can be one reason why Captain Marvel and Supergirl have the same last name.

Besides, there’s yet another theory that people have come up with. It says that such similarities occur when a storyline with specific characters gains immense popularity. So, this could be true in the case of Captain Marvel and Supergirl.

Superman and Supergirl
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Also, creators establish some similarities to get the benefit of the massive response received by a character. For example, the name and character of Superman is clearly a super hit one. So, the artists created the character, appearance, and name of the new character “Supergirl,” keeping Superman in mind. Supergirl presented a different version of Superman.

Similarly, Captain Marvel was also created, keeping an already popular character in mind. So, this proves to be another point of similarity between Captain Marvel and Supergirl.

Captain Marvel and Captain America
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Other similar DC and Marvel characters.

There are quite a lot of DC and Marvel characters that are similar. The similar elements could be their names, powers, appearances, or all of these. Apart from Captain Marvel and Supergirl, some of the most popularly similar characters are-

Deathstroke and Deadpool

Wonder Woman and Power Princess

Aquaman and Namor

Swamp Thing and Man Thing