White Lines: Who execute Alex Collins’ and how? Mystery Solved!

White Line
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Netflix’s White Lines is a murder mystery different from other, occurring in Ibiza’s staggering setting. It is the home to probably the most weird parties on the planet.

Zoe Walker, a lady who flies out to the island to explore the demise of her sibling, Axel Collins, who was a conspicuous DJ before he disappeared 20 years ago.


White Lines arrived on Netflix on Friday, May 15. A 10-episode drama series tailing one lady’s chase for reality with regards to her sibling.

Told across two seasons, the series kept fans speculating about who was liable for Axel Collins’  death. Finally, until everything was at last uncovered in the season finale.

What occurred toward the end of White Lines on Netflix

All through the 10 episode season, she associated with his old companions and attempted to discover any proof about what had happened 20 years earlier.

In the early scene, her dad Clint Collins, had joined her on her strategic, Oriol Calafat, before he attempted to go back to the UK.

When the finale started, Clint’s grisly demise was confirmed as Boxer (Nuno Lopes) was called to the crime location before clearing up all proof of Oriol’s inclusion. At that point, he misled Zoe about what had occurred. Driving her to seize him and attempt to discover a few answers.

A snap from White Lines
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She tied him up and tormented him with a hose until he guaranteed her Oriol was not associated with her dad’s demise. Fighter likewise uncovered some more data about Axel’s death, which drove Zoe to discover reality at last.

Who executed Axel Collins?

After ten long episodes that saw a few suspects develop, the arrangement finale uncovered that Anna was the person who executed Axel. Yet she didn’t act alone.

Alex offered the rights to the entirety of his music just as the clubs he had set up with Anna, Marcus, and David, to the ground-breaking Calafat family.

A snap from White Lines
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He heaped all the cash into a giant wooden sculpture that he set ablaze to add to the scene of his birthday festivity. All without breathing a word to his companions. His goal was to make a total separation from the island and start another.

A more advanced life somewhere else with the individuals he truly adored. As his gathering was slowing down, Axel and Anna had a second alone where he mentioned to her what he had done.

As you would expect, she was incensed that he had surrendered the gathering’s fortune without speaking with them.

How did the murder happen

Axel was in a pool, grunting cocaine off the side when he started writhing in the water. Instead of helping him, Anna held his head under the surface until he suffocated as vengeance for what he did.

Following, Anna asked her darling, Marcus (Cel Spellman/Daniel Mays), for help discarding the body, heaping it into Oriol Calafat’s vehicle. Sadly, when they arrived at an unfilled stretch of street, they heard a clamor in the boot – Axel was as yet alive!

He liberated himself and started to limp away gradually. Marcus had a choice to make. Would he remain by his darling, who might confront real prison time for her activities, or his companion, who had denied him of his fortune?

A Snap from White Lines
Image Netflix

Unfortunately, he picked the previous, backing up the vehicle to thump Axel down. Two different suspects in the murder, David and Oriol, were seen as honest.

Having gone through the night together after taking heroin and finished the activity by driving a sharp item into his neck.

This is how we interpret the end of White Lines. Let us know how you interpreted the ending. Stay safe, and we will keep you refreshed.