Friends: 5 Reasons Why Rachel Should Have Given Gunther A Shot!


Ross wasn’t the only one that was infatuated with Rachel. Gunther was charmed with Rachel from the second he saw her. He did all that he could to stand out enough to be also noticed. 

Rachel didn’t see Gunther and scarcely realized he existed. It’s somewhat mean since Gunther did a ton for her. James Michael Tyler, despite everything, recollects his last day on the series of “Friends.” 

“It was sad. It was bittersweet,” Tyler told Insider of one of his preferred recollections from chipping away at the NBC appear, recording the finale, including that there was “a great deal of crying.” 

Tyler played Gunther, the Central Perk director, for ten seasons, as the gathering of six friends walked all through his café. 

For most of the show, Gunther harbored a crush on Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). However, he never allowed his emotions to her until he gathered up the fearlessness on the series finale. It’s a second Tyler will consistently recall. 

“When Gunther declared his affection to Rachel, that scene, it took everlastingly to shoot because both Jennifer and I, we were unable to look at one another without whining and do that scene without sobbing uncontrollably,” he said. 

Rachel & Gunther’s Last Scene together
Image Warner Bros.

Tyler said that if Aniston took a look at him, she would begin to cry immediately; the same went for him. 

Let’s confess after some time we feel sad for Gunther. From the first moment when Rachel entered the Central Perk Cafe, Guther had a crush on her. List of boyfriends & hookups Rachel had is long. Yet somehow, Gunther remained constant with his love for Rachel.

Here are five reasons Why Rachel Should Have Given Gunther A Shot!

1. Remember the ‘Thing’ Rachel bought, which was “not a cat.”

Sweetest thing Gunther did was to adopt Mrs. Wiskerson without any complaint. We all admit it was the sweetest gesture he did. That too for $1500, a loss for himself.


2. Rachel-A terrible waitress

Rachel was a terrible waitress; we all admit. Yet in the time of need, Guther helped her out by giving her the job. Despite of being bad at it, Gunther never actually complaint for Rachel even when she gave away free scones or delivered the wrong orders.

Rachel Green as Waitress
Image Warner Bros.

3. I Wish She Was My Wife 

Recollect the episode, Pheobe could hear everybody’s inner voices. His inner voice is stood up loud for the audience to listen to as he delivers espresso to the gathering. 

Firstly, he questions what she finds in Ross, and then scents Rachel’s hair, thinking, “I love Rachel. I wish she was my wife.” It’s a hilarious second as it’s the first time he straightforwardly admits this, regardless of whether it’s in his head. 

4.The one where he Dropped A Cup 

Speaking of Gunther’s love for Rachel, he reacts negatively to Rachel being asked out on the town before him. Afterall he had been thinking of ways to ask Rachel out himself, this second agitates him. 


Gunther then goes to the back of the shop and starts breaks tons of things, with the noises shocking everybody inside Central Perk. Be that as it may, when he reappears, Gunther states, “I dropped a cup.” While it’s obvious it was something other than a cup, his dry delivery of this made the entire second hilarious.

5. Gunther was a better option than others

Provided with the choices Rachel made, Gunther would have been better. He cared soo much. And we all had tears in our eyes in the last episode when Gunther confesses.

Well, Rachel & Gunther’ s relationship is something we will always adore. As of now, this is what we have. Hope to see the awaited reunion soon. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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