Mrs. Serial Killer: A complete disappointment. Here’s what we have on the movie.


Mrs. Serial Killer is a 2024 Indian Hindi crime thriller film. It was created as an Original for Netflix. The movie is designed and coordinated by Shirish Kunder and produced by his better half Farah Khan. The film stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Manoj Bajpayee, and Mohit Raina in lead roles while Aamir Khan’s niece Zayn Marie shows up in a movie.

Jacqueline seizes the central role of the film. The film released on Netflix on 1 May harmonizing with May Day. The release date of the film was declared in a video by the entertainer herself on 14 April, concurring with the Puthandu. The video was shared on Netflix India’s online networking account. 

The film has gazed 2.8/10 rating on IMDB. That is clear as crystal how much this film sucks. It has been gravely trolled on twitter. It’s not for wrong, the film is a crap, and it merited it. 


Its characters act unbelievably foolishly to serve the plot. They are deliberately awful at their real employments. The Netflix film would have been a decent beginning stage for a serial killer spoof film. It’s a satire when it doesn’t intend to be, and it’s altogether unfunny when it attempts any comedy. 

Plot of Mrs. Serial Killer

The story spins around Sona, a committed spouse to Dr. Mrityunjoy, and her excursion to demonstrate his guiltlessness after he is captured on doubt of being a serial killer. She is persuaded that her previous lover, the cop Imran, encircled him in revenge. 

Sona looks for help from leading legal advisor Rastogi, played by Darshan Jariwala, who recommends the masterstroke of presenting a copycat murder to cause individuals to accept that the killer is still on the loose.

The killer’s trademark casualties are unmarried, pregnant ladies. Advantageously, Sona’s colleague and neighbor Anushka (Zain Marie Khan), is unmarried and conveying a bun in the oven. Impeccable applicant. 

It’s tough to choose what’s progressively horrible. The lighting all through the film, Jacqueline’s acting, or the way that every one of these on-screen characters deliberately joined to act in this. From red and purple shades to passages lit up like within a club, it appears as though the creators put more in the lighting office than a proper content writer.

A still from the movie
Image Netflix

Well, If you want to watch the movie watch it at your own risk.

That’s all we have, Stay safe & we shall keep you updated.