Nicole Thea And Her Unborn Son Reign Die Unexpectedly

Nicole Thea dies at the age of 24
image credits: ghanamma

Famous Youtube star and influencer Nicole Thea has died along with her unborn son. This news is announced on her Instagram handler by her mom. Nicole Thea was eight months pregnant 24 years girl, and this was so shocking for everyone.

The statement states that she was eight months pregnant, and she already named her child as Reign. As an influencer, she was used to give regular updates about her health to her fans via Instagram and Youtube.

No-one from her side has declared the reason behind her sudden death. Her partner Boga is also quite from the last three days because of her departure.

Official statements about Nicole Thea’s death. 

Well, the declaring news is announced on her Instagram page. The news shows that her mom has written this news on her Nicole Thea’s handler. Here is the post:

The dancer and influencer were living in London with her partner Boga. Nicole Thea’s daily routine includes so many video posts and stories to share on her official handler. Also, she is having 210 thousand followers in the current date.

Who lived in London, had kept fans up-to-date on her pregnancy, regularly posting videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Before some days, she posted many happy videos, which shows she and her partner Boga are happy together. She posted a facing video, milk bath video, and many more, which shows her life of influencer.

Instagram post of Nicole Thea:

Here is the video she posted before days:

After her death, many social media influencers and stars posted and wrote to give condolence to her. Love Island star Alexandra Cane has posted that this is so heartbreaking. While Choreographer Silver Sherrie wrote completely and utterly heartbroken.

She has struggled to gain popularity on social media. And till now, she earned 80 thousand subscribers, on her official Youtube Channel.

Her cause of death is still not announced. Let’s wait for someone to announce the cause of her death. So, this is it about Nicole Thea. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates.

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