Pros and Cons of Moving To Alberta


If you are considering moving to Canada, Alberta is great for you as it features a beautiful landscape and a hospitable community.

Alberta has many attractive cities and towns that offer the basic amenities you need to live a happy and comfortable life. There are also places in the province that will cater to your social life, offering a variety of activities to engage in, from bustling nightlife to interesting cultural events.

Seasons Retirement provides several retirement communities in some of the best cities in Alberta, where older adults are properly supported and cared for.

Although there are many perks to living in Alberta, it is worth noting that the province also has its flaws. Read on to find out the pros and cons of moving to Alberta.

Pros Of Moving To Alberta

These unique characteristics are what make life in Alberta a very desirable one:

1. High Income


The average person working in Alberta gets more pay than another individual from other provinces. As of 2019, the average wage in this area was $31.99 – higher than any other region in Canada.

Alberta, out of the five biggest territories and provinces in Canada, has the highest hourly average pay. Here, you can be sure to find a good-paying job, regardless of your level of experience and skill set.

2. Relatively Low Tax Rate

Albertans earning $131,200 or less pay 10% tax, while those receiving $314,928 and more pay a 15% tax rate. Going further, people whose wages are between $131,200 and $300,000 pay between 12-14% tax rate.

Meanwhile, the lowest tax rate paid starts from 15% in Quebec and 17.4% in Manitoba if the person earns $70,610 and more.

3. Affordable Housing


If the cost of housing in other Canadian provinces is too high for your budget, you should consider moving to Alberta, where you’ll find more affordable accommodation rates.

Typically, the average earnings per week of an Albertan is enough to cover their monthly rent. This way, you don’t have to worry about working multiple jobs to pay your rent.

4. Charming Landscape And View

Alberta is a province endowed with natural beauty that can easily captivate you and leave you feeling closer to nature. It has lakes, mountains, forests, and prairies that serve as tourist attractions to outsiders and are also a great sight for residents. The charming landscape can help to contribute to a relaxing life in Alberta, making it a great place for retirement for your older loved ones.

5. Variety of Outdoor Activities


Alberta offers a wide range of outdoor activities to keep you engaged during your leisure time. With the availability of places like parks, walking trails, biking trails, and so on, you can engage in activities that would help keep your muscles stretched and exercised.

This is particularly good for older adults as it can help keep them in great physical condition to go about their daily activities conveniently.

6. Adequate Healthcare Facilities

Alberta has fully equipped medical facilities that can cater conveniently to your medical needs. With their reputed hospitals, you would not need to go to other provinces to have a doctor’s appointment. Also, this region has insurance plans that fully cover services like:

  • Physician services
  • Transgender surgery
  • Diagnostic services
  • Bariatric services
  • Psychiatrist visits
  • Nursing services
  • Oral surgery and
  • Hospital stays

There are also partial insurance coverages for dental and optic services.

According to a report, health care facilities in Alberta include:

  • 106 acute care hospitals
  • 249 community palliative and hospice beds
  • 2,772 mental health and addiction beds
  • 5 psychiatric facilities

With all of these in place, you can never go wrong with moving to Alberta.

7. Events And Festivals


There is always an event to attend in Alberta – be it theatre events or yearly carnivals. With these events comes a thrill of excitement that would keep boredom at bay. Also, participating in these events and festivals would help to improve your social life. So, it goes without saying that living in Alberta is a good way to spend life in retirement.

8. Abundance Of Cultural Attractions

Alberta is a province that openly welcomes immigrants, and because of this, cultural attractions are in abundance. There are beautiful tourist attractions like the Heritage Park, Glenbow Museum, Buffalo Nations Museum, and so on, to visit.

Also, Alberta is rich with people from different cultural backgrounds, so you can learn much about other cultures. In this province, you can get a similar experience to traveling the world just by living with people with unique cultural beliefs.

9. A Friendly Community


Another reason to consider moving to Alberta is the friendly community that will make you feel right at home. Albertans are known to be very welcoming, and for this reason, this province is an ideal retirement location for older adults.

Here, your older loved ones would quickly feel among and live in peace with their neighbors in their new environment.

10. Shopping

In Alberta, you can easily destress by picking up your bags to go shopping. Alberta has enough shopping malls to go around. It is home to West Edmonton mall – the largest shopping center in Canada and second-largest in North America.

Cons Of Moving To Alberta

Alberta, like every other province, has its cons that you should consider before deciding to move to Alberta. Here are the disadvantages you need to consider.

  • Bad roads. A high percentage of the back roads in Alberta need repairs.
  • It has a lot of beaches without connecting water bodies. This can be a turn-off for surf lovers.
  • Alberta’s electricity charges are higher than other provinces in Canada.
  • Alberta has a higher unemployment rate than most provinces in the country.


Alberta has its good and bad sides, but hopefully, the good qualities of Alberta are enough to make up for its flaws.

If you consider Alberta a good place to live after weighing your options, you should begin planning a move to this province to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this article.