Proxy Servers and their Role in Tech


The creation and growth of the internet and information technologies have created a marvellous foundation for extremely efficient communication. Software, hardware, and information systems we love, enjoy, and take for granted today make the digital world both a necessity and an incredible attraction for everyone – from a casual consumer to a CEO of a large tech company.

Still, the world infused with convenient technology has unique drawbacks. Most successful digital inventions need to maximize user engagement to reach profitable peaks, which encourages the development of addictive, inhumane technology and software.

Engagement with social media platforms and most popular websites forces users to leave private information on the table as payment. From simple credentials to every decision made in the digital world, the collection of unique data fuels the progress of companies and their products. Every action of an internet user became a form of collectible information – the most valuable resource on the web.


While not exactly a doomsday scenario, without regulation, the disregard for our privacy and anonymity to achieve ultimate convenience paints a grim picture of a dystopian future. Thankfully, there is still hope. With large tech companies exposed to news outlets and discussed in U.S Congress hearings, these businesses become a bit more transparent about their handling of private user data and its intended use.

We can also observe a push for more privacy and humane technology in the growth of digital anonymity and cybersecurity markets. The growth is best observed in a rising demand for proxy services. Proxy servers are flexible privacy tools that change the IP address of a device accessing the web. Interestingly enough, the growth of proxy server providers has highlighted new great ways to utilize these intermediary servers

In this article, our goal is to showcase the surprisingly large role of proxy servers in the tech world. Today, proxies have many providers that strengthen and improve their functionality and help discover new ways to benefit from this service. Inspired by Proxy Market Research from Proxyway and Best Proxy Reviews article on making money with proxy servers, we want to present our readers with top proxy providers. This year’s release, Proxy Market Research 2024, according to Proxyway, helps us find the best suppliers for both ensuring online anonymity and utilizing the tools for profitable ventures. Check out Proxy Market Research for yourself to learn more about the technical details of intermediary servers and differences in providers.

Boosting business-related tasks


Most modern businesses already do or certainly could benefit from having a proxy server. Because so many company decisions depend on market research and information collection, businesses utilizing automated web scraping have the knowledge to keep crushing their competitors. Investments in data science and search engine optimization (SEO) teams only highlight how much a company can do with a constant stream of valuable information.

While many departments depend on collected information, no one wants to do it by hand. Because going through rendered websites is extremely inefficient, businesses use web scrapers to scrape keywords for SEO or track competitors. Proxy servers make sure that data requests coming from automated bots are not associated with the main IP address. Companies that specialize in web scraping set up aggregator businesses and profit from running ads or selling collected data sets to partners.

Proxy servers also give businesses the freedom to run successful digital marketing campaigns and social media pages. With multiple IPs at their disposal, businesses can manage fake social media accounts.

Last, but not least, proxy servers help businesses test localization by changing the location of the incoming connection. It ensures that company expansion attempts go smoothly, and they can monitor performance metrics, such as search engine ranking page (SERP) rankings, from a different geo-location.

Most business-oriented tasks are data sensitive and require the highest level of anonymity for automated tools. For them, companies go for medium to premium residential proxies – the most secure type of intermediary servers. In Proxy Market Research, you can see which providers were the best in availability, performance, and additional features. For businesses, profit from proxy servers comes from the enhancement of company tasks, as well as privacy and security improvements

A profitable side-hustle


For our tech-savvy geeks looking for an opportunity to earn a quick buck on the web, we offer the most popular side hustles, where having access to good proxy IPs gives us an immense advantage.

A decent data scientist can take up web scraping jobs from companies that outsource these tasks. You can help your clients aggregate information for SEO, ad verification, greater outreach, and find digital marketing opportunities.

If you are scared of honest work, use proxy servers to outfox other customers in online purchases of limited-edition goods. From rare sneakers to new console releases, scalpers use multiple bots for automated checkouts and assign them a unique IP address to avoid detection. With little luck and automation, you can end up with more products, leave other customers in the dust, and resell items at an inflated price.

For personal side jobs, we recommend using cheap to mid-level residential proxies. Because solo tasks will not use up a lot of bandwidth, you can go for cheaper options or prioritize performance and additional features for specific tasks.

After analyzing the most influential metrics in Proxy Market Research, we can single out five providers with the best statistical averages: Oxylabs, GeoSurf, Smartproxy, Bright Data, and IPRoyal. Still, that does not mean that one of these choices will suit your needs. Analyze the differences between the most popular providers to find the best choice for you. Proxy servers maintain an extremely influential role in tech for a reason: they are flexible, easy to use, and a large market provides many options with unique features for interested users.