Raising Dion Season 2 on Netflix: Release date, Cast and Audience Reaction 


All the fans are excited since the big announcement that Marvel’s Michael B Jordan was working on a Netflix series, in which he is both acting and producing.

The show Raising Dion is based on Comic book and short film of Liu with the same name. The show can be known as a drama that has top-notch fantasy and adventure. It is a family – suitable scene in the sci-fi genre.

When will the second season be On-Air?

Although there is no official confirmation, but still, the show is expected to stream on Netflix by October 2024.

Raising Dion

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Virus, the streaming date of every show is suffering. So, a confirmation on the date is yet to come. But, by giving a wild estimate of the time for shooting the entire season, it can be seen on this streaming platform by October.

List of Cast members for Season -2

The cast members for Raising Dion Season-2 are :

  • Jasiah Young as Dion. He is the son of Nicole and is seven- years old with extraordinary superpowers.
  • Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Reese. Nicole is the lead female protagonist and a single mother to Dion.
  • Michael B. Jordan as Mark Reese.
  • Jason Ritter as Mark’s Friend, Pat.

What is the audience reaction for the show?

This show is also a family-oriented show, unlike others on Netflix. It can be amusing to all age groups. Raising Dion’s First Season was a huge hit and was subject to positive reviews from the critics.

Raising Dion

The show can be emotional, gripping and inspiring, all at the same time. All these elements in one show makes it worth for a big audience. It is a series with a proper cinematic impact on the audience.