Resident Evil TV Show Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More


Resident Evil is expanding more than ever now and we want it to be as quick as it can be. Resident Evil has huge reach in gaming, movies, merchandise or anime. And recently Netflix has announced to present its own TV show to us.

There is no fixed date for the release but the discussion about it is still going on. We know that a lot of meetings are taking place in discussion of the plot and the creative measures of the story of resident Evil.

It is expected that Netflix will drop all the episodes in one go to the Audience as this global franchise is quite popular and a great hit.


Before this, six of the Resident evils movies have been released. And the fans are expecting that the cast of the movie act in the TV show too.

Milla Jovovich has been the lead actress for all the six movies till date. She’s playing the role of Alice who is the protogonist of the movie.

Other than Jovovich we have many other actors like Ali Carter as Claire, Spencer Locke who plays K-Mart.

Even though no official announcement has been made about the cast of the TV show has been released. We may have an entirely new star cast.


It’s too soon to discuss about the plot of this series. We have no clue whether it’ll be based on the movies or be an entirely different storyline. It’s quite unpredictable till now. We don’t have much information about it yet. It’s still unconfirmed. As soon as we get more updates we will inform you.