Sad News for the all the upcoming Magicians!

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There have been many cases of people reaching to the peak of their fame in Vegas and then collapsing , so is the story of great magician duo Siegfried and Roy. The magician duo had been hit by tragedy and eventually vanished overnight.
They may have vanished but but not their fans. They were well known for their animal acts in Vegas. The fans are in mourning state due to the loss of their favorite Roy Horn who died on 8 May 2022 because of Corona Virus.
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What really happened to the Magician Duo?

The funny duo you remember from the mirage resort  and casino shows in Vegas, were even part of some well known commercials. They were doing great until their life took sharp unexpected turn. Siegfried and Roy were one of the best in their business. They were regarded as one of the best magicians and illusionists who were most popular for their tiger act of their show.

what is the major incident of 2003?

But in 2003 their famous tiger act led to their down fall. On 3rd Oct during the show Roy under went stroke leading to his partner, which was supposedly White Tiger,”Montecore” , missing his cues.
Roy stepped on Montecore’s paw leading to Montecore dragging Roy off the stage unintentionally. But this act led to many major injuries to Roy. According to doctors who treated Roy, were clear about the fact that  he suffered stroke before after the Tiger assault.
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Even after this assault Roy was more concerned about his partner’s safety rather than his. He had lost some huge amount of blood in the incident which led to many major injuries. He requested everyone for Tigers safety, and No harm to be done to him as it wasn’t his fault.

What was Roy’s statement in 2004?

Later in 2004 while talking to People, Roy said Montecore saved his life during a show in an attempt to take off the stage to ensure Roy’s safety. It is still unclear about it being true but Montecore did save Siegfried and Roy’s life in a show in Mirage.
After the incident the show was called off from Mirage and released 300 cast members. The incident led to many injuries to Roy some of them were crushed windpipe and artery damage that carried blood from heart to brain.
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As a result he couldn’t walk and speak properly leading to setting if their sun and business in Magic and Illusion as a duo. They later on in life went on to achieve variety of different things in their life.

 What was Roy and His Covid-19 Affair

Roy was tested Covid-19 positive on 28th April 2022 and was undergoing medication. The situation and Roy both seemed stable but an unexpected news hit the board of his death on 3rd May. His partner in illusion and his best friend Siegfried expressed his sadness and grief.
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While remembering him as a great warrior and fighter, who had right throughout his life first for career then for life after that for resistance to live and was fighting till his last breath against Covid-19. Siegfried called his death as loss that no one fill.
Fans  kept on giving him condolence on his death and expressed their grief. No one take the place of such great magician and illusionist, we give our condolences on his sad demise.
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