Magic For Humans: Where It Is Being Filmed?


Do you know the reason due to which Magicians were able to thrive as entertainers for years and till now? It is because Magic is surprising and fascinating at the same time.

We have seen these magic tricks and magicians migrating to the on-screen world, the Television. One of the shows among all magic sows is, Magic For Humans.

Magic For Humans
Image by – TV Guide

Magic For Humans is an American television reality show, the first part of which was released on August 17, 2018. The show was premiered on the online streaming platform, Netflix.

The main character of the show, or rather say, the magician is Justin Williams. He is the one who was performing Magic tricks on the street.

The magician has claimed that all the tricks performed by him on-screen are of his own and are aided neither by Camera of editing techniques. The show returned with a second season on December 4, 2019, and the third season of the show is scheduled to be released on May 15, 2024.

Magic For Humans Filming Location

Let’s begin with the main purpose of this article. Fans have been wondering since the release of the first season, where the show was actually shot.

Also, fans of the show always wished to be the one he performs his Magic tricks with, as he does it on streets. So, where are those streets?

Magic For Humans
Image by – The Daily Dot

Well, those streets are located in the heart of California, Los Angeles. The magician performs all of his tricks on the streets of Los Angeles, and it is pretty convenient for him too. Justin lives in Los Angeles himself.

However, the show is scripted in such a way that it can be filmed anywhere and on any street.

California is one of the best choices for the comedian cum magician, as it is the hub of Hollywood.