Two India Girls in Harry Potter?

Dint you notice?
Indian grils to mae their place?
The worlds famous bool by J.K Rowling’s novel, Harry Potter. One of the most famous and successful British- American film series. It was on the third position of the largest film franchise in history.
This movie gained immense success and tremendous popularity around the globe, even India has a huge number of fans. The Indian characters named as Padma Patil and Parvati Patil, played the role of Afshan Azad and Shefali Chowdhury.

India Girls in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter and Goblet of fire, the fourth part of the Harry Potter movie series, Yule Ball was the main highlight which caught the attention of the viewers. Still the two major Indian characters have mare a remarkable influence on the viewers mind by their extraordinary performance.
In the fourth part of the movie, scene of Yule Ball, the Indian characters Parvati and Padma Patil became the dates of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, they were introduced then.
The fourth part was very entertaining, but Shefali and Afshan also played Patil twins in five Harry Potter films. In 2005, BBC interview they both actress disclosed the stress the process of their casting had.
Magic is in air.
Harry Potter is in India too.

how did shefali got the role?

Shefali the actress of Harry Potter says in a interview that when she was in a school at that time the cast was searching for twim sisters in a school around her area. But then she was having her exams around that time so it did go so well.
Teacher looking a sheet called her name with other few girls too, she told them that the harry potter makers are looking for two twin sisters to cast in the movie so are they interested?
As the reader of the Harry Potter book shefali immediately said yes.
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“when she went for her first audition, she realized that there were many girls. After that she got bit nervous and scared will she make it? And how will she make it?. She then made her mind that there is nothing to lose from this, gave the audition think she is will put her best to avail this opportunity and went to give the auditions.

Shefali got selected at once?

Shefali received a call saying that she was selected for the next round within a week or two later. She cleared all the rounds untill she was told to gave the round with Afshan. Mike Newell, who was the director of the movie, to him she said that she was very happy the moment she got selected.
An interview with the Indian girls in Harry Potter.

How did Afshan Azad got the role?

On the other hand, Afshan Azad also spoke about her side of the story to how she got selected.
One fine day she went to school and read the notice, her teacher also told her that two casting agents will come and are looking two twin asian sisters. After hearing this news all her classmates started to laugh.
As she was in all girl school, she auditioned in school. That’s the path of their journey to the harry potter films. Same way as shefali she thought the same that she won’t get selected, to exact she also said there is nothing to lose and went to gave the audition. When she got selected, in the next round she met Shefali in front of Mike.