Fantastic Beasts 3: Plot Similarity To Harry Potter and Release Date.


It’s an undeniable fact that the Fantastic Beasts establishment has been cast in the shadow of the Harry Potter films from the beginning. Coming off the Parent movie, the Fantastic Beasts arrangement confronted a $161 million drop in film industry profit.

It’s considered the most noticeably awful film set in the Wizarding World to date. Even along these lines, there’s as yet a Lumos spell that could be cast on the third Fantastic Beasts part.

This can happen if the producers could return to the third Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and learn from it.

Possibility of seeing a Potter Plot

Two Harry Potter characters may be appearing in the anticipated Fantastic Beasts sequel. It’s being accounted for that Eddie Redmayne’s guaranteed gets back to bring a style from the Wizarding World. Robbie Coltrane could return as Rubeus Hagrid in the prequel.

How this could happen is not yet clear. However considering the Fantastic Beasts arrangement is set in a similar universe, it would be no stretch to see the Hogwarts gamekeeper appear in some capacity.

Should the expansion really occur, it would no uncertainty propel some Harry Potter fans.


Hagrid probably won’t be the main Harry Potter character appearing, either. We Got This Covered is additionally revealing that  Tom Riddle – who proceeds to become Lord Voldemort – might have a role in the new film.

tom Riddle

The third portion in the Fantastic Beasts establishment was initially expected early, with shooting prepared to commence in Iceland before the Coronavirus pandemic constrained them to hit the respite button.

To numerous individuals, Fantastic Beasts has consistently appeared to be somewhat of a skeptical money snatch. With the choice to extend a 128-page anecdotal book initially written to fund-raise for a noble cause into five full-length blockbusters saw as a push to wring each and every penny out of the Wizarding World long after the Harry Potter motion pictures finished up.

Probable Release Date For Fantastic Beasts 3

Fantastic Beast 3 will be discharged in 2024, ideally. The lead is set for November 20, 2024, as the appearance date for the third piece of the film.

Although we don’t have a lot of expectations from the film. However, we can say that if it follows its Parent movie, it can reach at least half of our desires. Imprint the date for the witch charm to spread over.