Scrubs Reunion: Will there be a new series? What’s the new story?

Scrubs Reunion

Scrubs Reunion is an American comedy-drama television series, designed by Bill Lawrence. Scrubs is the Emmy-winning show subsequent the daydreams and exploits of junior doctor John “J.D.” Dorian.

Scrubs Reunion: Teaser and Trailer

NBC and ABC sitcom Scrubs first appear back in 2001 with wide-eyed, daydreaming young medic John “J.D.” Dorian is giving the observer an insight into his life as a junior doctor as well as a glance to Dorian surreal mind. Scrubs opened for nine seasons and came to a close in 2010 after pursue spin-off series failed to gain suction with fans.

Scrubs Reunion
Scrubs Reunion cast

Scrubs Reunion: Release Date recently spoke to Turk star Donald Faison about the possibility of a reunion or a Scrubs movie.

The interview took place previously Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd shockingly died from a deadly brain tumor on April 30 after he diagnosed in 2019.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown throwing TV and film productions into suspicion, Faison’s words imply optimistic about Scrubs making some sort of revival.

Emerge in Scrubs, Faison has appeared in some big TV shows and films, including The Exes, Ray Donovan, and sci-fi series evolution.

Scrubs Reunion: Cast

Zach Braff served as John Michael “J.D.” Dorian, Sarah Chalke served as Elliot Reid. Donald Faison served as Christopher Turk, Donald Faison served as Christopher Turk, Neil Flynn served as the “Janitor,” Ken Jenkins served as Bob Kelso, John C. McGinley served as  Perry Cox, Judy Reyes served as Carla Espinosa, Eliza Coupe served as Denise Mahoney, Kerry Bishé served as Lucy Bennett, Michael Mosley served as  Drew Suffin, Dave Franco served as Cole Aaronson.

Scrubs Reunion: Plot and Story-line

In the season 9 opening of the show, the Janitor built his only presence of the season, which also spins out to be his ultimate on-screen role. Here, the Janitor found out J.D. wasn’t playing an antic and gone from the hospital. After this, the Janitor fire his mop away, dredge his hands, and never detect again.

What is the story about Scrubs Reunion?

Each episode of the podcast will see the duo going over an episode of the sitcom and sharing tidbits from the set but also details about filming certain scenes from the attack.

The first episode involved the combination taking a trip down memory lane as they recalled going in for auditions for Scrubs and their first day on set.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends has seen a guest presentation from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and also co-star and Rick and Morty voice actress Sarah Chalke.

Due to famous requirement, Braff and Faison have even gone up to releasing two episodes of Fake Doctors, Real Friends each week every Tuesday and Thursday on iHeart Radio.