Selena Gomez took this big decision to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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The Black Lives Matter movement seems to get stronger and bigger with each passing day. Needless to say, it a much-required protest against discrimination and injustice. Many celebrities around the world have joined this movement. This list also includes well-known actor and singer Selena Gomez.

About the Black Lives Matter movement

This movement started in the US after the brutal killing of an African-American man George Floyd. The 48-year old man died on May 25, 2024. He was handcuffed facing down and a white police officer named Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. After almost 9 minutes, George died due to suffocation but the officer didn’t move or make any attempt to revive him.


So, this merciless killing of Floyd led to a large-scale protest in the US. Then, it soon started spreading across nations and people have been demanding justice for Floyd. Many celebrities including John Boyega and Selena Gomez have also joined the movement. Social media has been flooded with posts about the movement and #blacklivesmatter.

This incident has raised awareness about the deaths and injustice towards various people with African origin. Here’s a post from the official Instagram handle created for this movement.


Selena Gomez for Black Lives Matter

The 27-year-old star has joined the protest and has been pleading her fans and followers to do the same. In addition, she’s requesting people to think and act about this issue. Gomez thinks that everyone should come together and be sensitive towards people around them by listening to each other open-mindedly.

Selena Gomez also put stress over the fact that for the betterment of the society, such issues need due attention and action. She also called out many other organizations. Furthermore, she expressed her firm belief in the fact that every human irrespective of their color or race matters.

A big step by Selena Gomez to support the Black Lives Matter Movement

People have been urging each other to change their profile pictures into black and support the movement. This step is being taken by many people to show their protest and grief for what happened.


Selena Gomez decided to shut-down her website for one day in support of ‘Blackout Tuesday’. This is a very big and inspiring step taken by the actor. Moreover, Selena’s company called Rare Beauty also released a statement about the matter. A picture with a black background was also posted on their official Instagram handle.