Shachou battle no Jikan Desu: Season 4: Release Date, Spoilers, Plot, Trailer and More

The Shachou battle no Jikan Desu, season 4 is here. The franchise is going to release the next season very soon. The page will provide with all the information with release date, trailer, plot and also the recap of season 3. If you are not the strict fan of this specific franchise, ṭhen also you won;t have any problem to catch it up. So be ready and let’s go straight to the point.

Plot: Shachou battle no Jikan Desu

 The basic of the story is the world of Gatepia. It was once a wasteland until a goddess arrived. She recalled many mystical Gates which are now scattered all over. The scatter spread, including the Big Gate at its focus.
For decades, troops of adventurers have advanced into the Gates. They have slaughtered the monsters called muja and retrieved the kirakuri that powers their society.
Minato’s father was one the President of Kibou Company, and he too went for the Big Gate. Yutoria is  Minato’s childhood friend. He is also the secretary of Kibou Company.  For more details, please, stick to the page and till ow enjoy the page.

Release Date: Shachou Battle no Jikan Desu: Episode 4 

The release date of Episode 4 is on Sunday, 26 April 2024. Yes!! The date is today. The time when it is going to be air in Japan is, at 11:30 PM JST (Japanese standard time). Azumi Waki is going to sing the opening theme “Hurry Love”. Whereas, Kana Ichinose is going to buzz the ending theme song “Oyasumi” (Good Night).

Shachou Battle no Jikan Desu: Episode 4
Shachou Battle no Jikan Desu: Episode 4

Episode 3: Recap

The Episode starts when Minato, the president of Kibou Company, entering an Oder Contest with his team. Inside the range, Minato pulled out restructroot, from the ground. Finally, she manages to get rid of it as it creates noise by screaming in agony. Minato’s team listened to someone screaming and rushes to help. They found Rivar and revive him from fear of restructroot.

Trailer: Shachou Battle no Jikan desu

The trailer of the season 4 is here, have an eye on it before you rush to the anime.

The upcoming episode is going to premiere on this Sunday, 24th April. Just Stick to our page and all the updates will be on your mind.