Megalo Box Season 2: Confirmed Released Date, Cast, Trailer and Spoilers


The anime Megalo Box is also popularly known as Megaro Bokusu in Japanese. The anime is all set to have its worldwide release with another season. Megalo Box anime series is coming back with its Season 2. The anime has amazed fans with its storyline of the world of boxing with a twist. Through this post, we will share all the essential details like the release date, plot, cast, and other relevant spoilers.

Release Date: Megalo Box Season 2

The TMS Entertainment announced long ago about the confirmation of season 2 via twitter though no official release date was revealed at that time.

Producer Moriyama said – “I understand that there’s a lot of love regarding Megalo Box, and I’m pleased about it. I’m also delighted to say that Megalo Box 2 is in development, and we definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans. I’m very much looking forward to it. There’s not much I can say at this point. I’m trying to give out a very different angle compared to the first Megalo Box. So I think we can give fans something that is beyond their expectations.”

The production unit has not yet come out with any decision on the final release date. However, we can expect Megalo Season 2 to release anywhere around October 2024. As per sources, we can expect a lot of power-packed action in Season 2.

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The anime’s plot revolves around a well-known game named Megalo Box. The strategy of the game is somewhat like that of boxing. Be that as it may, there are some other guidelines of Megalo Box also. Every player needs to put on a metal casing, which expands the quality of the clients and guarantees deadly assaults.

The hero character is Junk Dog, the main lead. He is a hopeful fighter from the ghetto region apparently, who engages himself in the battle of unlawful underground rings. The results of the matches depend on Gansaku Nanbu, his mentor. Anyway, Junk Dog’s fantasy is to set himself up as the best fighter for which he has taken an extortion figure to take an interest in the well known Megalo competition called Megalonia. At the point when the primary season was discharged, the arrangement got extensive endorsement evaluations. Till now, we don’t have any affirmed news about its plot and storyline. The main thing that we have gone over about its plot is the up and coming season will incorporate a period bounce of 7 years, which will, without a doubt, highlight much more activity and battle. When we get any further information, we will keep you refreshed.

Season 2: Teaser Trailer

A small preview of the upcoming season is streaming and trending on YouTube.

The video is captioned: “MEGALO BOX (13 x 30-minute episodes) began as a project to commemorate the iconic manga series TOMORROW’S JOE. Highly lauded for its unique visual style and hip-hop-inspired soundtrack, MEGALO BOX followed the story of a mysterious boxer Joe as he fights his way to the top of a futuristic boxing tournament called Megalonia in a dystopian society. MEGALO BOX 2 is expected to be released late 2024 to early 2024.”

No of Episodes: 

The previous season had a total of 13 episodes—each episode with a run time of 30 minutes. If the show producers repeat the same pattern, the new season might also have 13 events.

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