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Sirens are the best known for using their hypnotic techniques like singing to trap sailors to come to shipwreck on rocks or rocks near their meadow island. The legend of Sirens of the Bristol Cove, the mermaids’ home, is pictured in the fanatical mermaid drama Siren along with the portrayal of the lives of sirens and mermaids making it a lot interesting and binge-worthy.

This American fantasy TV drama depicting a whole new world starring Alex Roe, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Ian Verdun, Rena Owen, and others was released on March 28, 2018, on Freeform. The series was now canceled in August 2022 with a lot of mysteries like Ben in the finale “The Toll of the Sea of season 3, leaving the fantasy fans in an uproar. As said by many, the viewer ratings being one of the reasons for the drop.


Siren being one of the most-watched series on Freeform, gained many network haters upon the news of cancellation. The drama can also be streamed online on Hulu. The lead actors have posted and tweeted regarding the story. They are trying to comfort the watchers and thanking for the opportunity they gained playing as Sirens-clearly showing the upset cast upon the nullification. A lot of comments revolving on petitions ‘for revoking the series, using some other wider or famous networks’ are seen.

The drama has taken over the minds of some with their linked and magical stories giving it a whole new twist. It was regarded differently than the other magical realms. They were showing the relations of sirens with the outer world, their secrets, their myths and stories, and much more exciting aqua material with tinges of romance which had captured some great peoples’ hearts.

In the world of wizard, witches, mermaids, demigods, and many more, Siren trapped us sailors of the series involving the mystery of Ryn-Ben’s future! I hope the still waiting viewers for the revoke get more of the beautiful and thrilling fable.

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So this is it for the cancellation of the Siren series. Keep reading us for more news and updates.