Snowpiercer | Why Fans Are Scratching Their Heads?


If you have watched Snowpiercer, you must be having a question in your mind that disturbs your comfort. All the fans of Snowpiercer have been wondering since the release of the movie, why does the Snowpiercer circle the Globe?

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For all the readers who haven’t watched the movie yet and have no idea what this is all about, let me give you a summary of the film. The movie is set in the times of destruction done by the post-climate changes on earth. The new world now has turned up into an Ice-age set. It is a Korean film based on a novel named Le Transperceneige by Benjamin Legrand, Jacques Lob, and Jean-Marc Rochette. It is a 2013 science fiction action movie directed by Boong Joon-ho.

The movie was taken by the Weinstein Company for an international release, which helped the movie a lot. In addition to this, Chris Evans, Captain America was the main lead of the film; it really helped the movie gaining more popularity.

Chris Evans in Snowpiercer
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It focusses on Chris’ character, as he is one of the other socially oppressed individuals or rather should be called a slave. They are forced to live in the back part of the train as the front part is reserved for the upper section of the society. The slaves on the back are served with protein blocks, which are nothing but the ground bugs. The narration of the film features the slaves at the back of the train fighting to come at the front as they are tired of being slaves, which eventually led to the destruction of the train.

Why does Snowpiercer circles the Globe?

The official reason given for the circling of the train around the Globe is that the constant movement of the train helps in converting the ice into the water by the production of heat. Once the train is destroyed, they saw that most of the world is covered with snow, but there are some areas where life can be sustained.

So, the real reason behind this is, it is easier to control the slaves in the back of the train, as their movement is restricted, and in case they want to fight, they have to do it in a single line.