“The Lincoln Lawyer” Heading To Netflix From CBS!

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After facing cancellation from CBS, The Lincoln Lawyer franchise is all set to get into the Netflix train.

CBS exclusive franchise, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” is set to leave the production house after falling out of favor. However, Netflix is always lurking around to find quality content that may or may not be a commercial success. Also, this eye for potential ranges from games to comics to other movies and series. Additionally, the scouts might even know that the sheer star-power that Matthew McConaughey brings is invaluable in any market, let alone the current climate.

Abandonment of the sequel was a punch in the gut for the franchise faithful. The production was seemingly losing confidence in the fact that the viewers might not want to watch the back-story of the protagonist.

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Matthew McConaughey starrer thriller will reportedly get its chance at resurrection.

How can the snatch for Netflix affect the franchise in the future?

CBS went through the cancellation in 2024, and there’s been no further information since. The first movie and the plot is from the adaptation of a novel by Michael Connelly. The universe set by the author will be carried as it is into the next long-form series.

No matter how many speculations galore, the fans will have to wait for an official confirmation. However, it’s much more likely that both the franchise and the streaming service will keep this deal under wraps to hold an element of surprise.

The show was ramping up for production with CBS shortly before the cancelation. Now, with Netflix possibly on-board, things might only be much bigger and much better. The plot will reportedly pick up Nine years after the events of the 2011 installment.


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It was always a surprise that the CBS Network took a call on dropping the series.

Theme of The Lincoln Lawyer franchise from viewers:-

Mick Haller, the character by McConaughey, is a sleazy but efficient defense lawyer with some of the worst clients. He also has a daughter with the attorney Maggie and his car is a Lincoln with driver Earl. When the wealthy Ryan Phillippe pays Haller to defend him in a case of assaulting Regina Campo. However, Roulet claims that he is not guilty, and the woman is trying to get money from him despite the evidences against him.

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