The School Nurse Files Season 2: Netflix Renewal and Release Details Here!

The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files is a comedic and fantastical South Korean television series. Netflix released season 1 containing six episodes on September 25, 2024. The filming took place just before the end of 2019. And the arrival of season 1 remained announced on August 14, 2024. The drama remains based on School Nurse Ahn Eun-young, a novel by Chung Se-rang.

What Season 2 Updates surface!?

The School Nurse Files totally hits differently than the other normal K-Dramas. This drama feeds ones fantasy.

The School Nurse Files Poster

Ahn Eun-young has the ability to look at a person’s desires, feelings and spirits. She feels like a combination of the Devil, Lucifer and the Cullen vampires. But, in reality her gifts come out ina peculiar for. The desires, feelings and spirits can be visible to her, in the form of a jelly.

The School Nurse Files seems mysterious enough! The shapes and structure of the jelly change. Eun-young comes to a mystery high school. A fellow teacher, Hong In-pyo, teaches at the same school as her. But, In-pyo seems different than the others. He seems protected.

The School Nurse Files Hong In-pyo
Hong In-pyo!

The ratings fo the sow have turned out pretty good, especially in Asia.

The novel by Chung does not have enough content to develop a new season of The School Nurse Files. But, with more writing, they can come up with a new season.

The School Nurse Files Ahn Eun-young
Ahn Eun-young!

If a second season gets developed, it might focus on more of the gifted along with Eun-young. The drama might explore a bit more characters and plot.

Cast of The School Nurse Files ~

  • Jung Yu-mi, appeared as cameo in the famous What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, here, she acts as Ahn Eun-young, the gifted school nurse.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk is a famous actor. He played in famous dramas like Who Are You: School 2015, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, and The Bride of Habaek. In this drama he plays as Hong In-pyo, the protected classical Chinese teacher.
  • The other teacher roles in The School Nurse Files include Lee Joo-young as Han Ah-reum of Life Sciences, and Teo Yoo as Mr Mackenzie of English.
  • Lee Suk-hyung plays the student role here as Min-woo, Choi Joon-young as Kim Kang-sun, Hyun Woo-seok as Seung-kwon, Kwon Young-chan as Lee Ji-hyungPark Se-jin as Jang Radi, Song Hee-joon as Baek Hye-minShim Dal-gi as Heo Wan-soo, and Kim Mi-soo as Hwang Ga-young.
  • The extra specials of The School Nurse Files include Jeon Gook-hwan as Hong Jin-beom, and Moon So-ri as Hwa-soo.

The fans anticipate the drama to continue with more plot. And we might hear the news soon enough!

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