Project Power Ending, Explained: Will Our Superheroes Get Together Again?

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In Netflix’s ‘Project Power’, anyone can become a superhero, but with a time limit of five minutes. The fate of the world lies in the hands of three people who get entangled in what turns out to be a massive conspiracy orchestrated by the villains to gain control. The ending unlocks the door to yet another chapter of the mysterious superhero story. In case you haven’t seen the film yet, head over to Netflix, and in case you have, continue reading to learn everything there is about the ending!

Plot Summary

A new, super pricey drug arrives in the market that temporarily allows its users to become superheroes with unpredictable powers. Despite this risky catch, criminals use it to get the upper hand over the cops. While law enforcement tries to stop the flow of drugs, a police officer named Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) figures out that they should be using the drugs to level up the field.

He manages to get his supply from a teenager named Robin (Dominique Fishback), who is a rapper. Things get more interesting when a man called ‘The Major’ (Jamie Foxx) jumps in—looking for the top-tier people in the company Teleios, which is the drugs’ producer. The story of ‘Project Power’ progresses as Art, aka ‘The Major’ gears up to do everything it takes to bring the company down to the ground.

Project Power: The Ending Explained

After Frank arrests Biggie, he arrests Art, while Robin follows the bearded man Art was searching for. Art informs Frank that his chief is also involved with the peddlers who the Power drugs on the streets of New Orleans. When the chief tells Frank not to bring Art to the station, as he helps him get his daughter back.

Art is captured by Teleios and is taken to the Genesis, the ship that is all ready to set sail. Frank takes the pill to get into the ship, accompanied by Robin. The two take over the hatches of the ship and eye every corner. While Frank tries to set Art free, Robin locates Tracy. Art decides not to take his pills as a fight ensues as they fight the villains.

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What are Art’s powers in ‘Project Power’?

Robin stays behind and gets captured after rescuing Tracy and Frank finds Art as the three escape using the lifeboat. Art decides to use his superpowers and save Robin. He had previously hinted at the intensity of it while he was still in captivity. The moment Art takes the pills, an energy wave flows out of him, incinerating everyone around him except Robin, who protects herself by ducking just in time. Art falls unconscious, but Tracy uses her powers to revive him, and all the four of them escape from the ship.

As ‘Project Power’ ends, Art and Tracy prepare for their departure, as Art tells Frank that the story is over from his side. To keep his daughter safe, he decides to live in peace somewhere away from all the danger and drama that they have been through. He asks Robin to use the power of her words to shape the world rather than relying on some pill to convince her what she’s worth. He also gives her some money to fill the gap she needed to pay for her mother’s surgery. Now she can focus on her education and career and does not have to go back to selling drugs on the street.

What will happen to our four superheroes now? 

Still from Project Power
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While Art, Tracy, and Robin make sure to cut their ties from the world of Power drugs, Frank decides to bring the whole conspiracy out into the open and expose the company. He prepares to confront the chief about his engagement with Teleios and break the story to the media to make it unacceptable for the people dealing with Power drugs to hide and resume their wicked plans. This is something we might get to see in a Project Power sequel.

Frank concludes that despite all his efforts and the devastation they caused, the consequences of the company’s wicked fib are yet to unfold. He has a feeling that the repercussions of this whole thing are deeper than they seem, and the more he digs into it, the worse they will get. Their future holds several possibilities- all of them being mainly dangerous, given the austerity of the problems, but the four are safe, at least for now.