The Trials: Check Out The Final Decision On Cast, Guess Who Is In?


Netflix show The Trials is an Italian crime drama show. It is based on the legal process of any crime. It merely focuses on the case and its twists. Well, the show is best for the audience who love some suspense thriller.

The series shows a case in which a 17-year-old girl killed. She got the situation which she can’t able to handle. So we will see the case of her in the court and all the twists. We have come here with the details of the cast and character of the show.which will build some interest in you.

Cast and character details of The Trials

Elena Guerra – Vittoria Puccini in the trials

Elena Guerra is the lead character of this series. She is a lawyer and works for the government so directly we can call her a prosecutor. Many fans said that she is the most powerful woman in the series.

In the series, she is taken to investing the murder of a 17-year-old girl known as Angelica. And in the investigation, she found out that Angelica was her biological daughter, whom she abandoned many years ago.

Vittoria Puccini in real

She is tasked with investigating the murder of Angelica; she later discovers that she was her biological daughter. So, we will see her struggling with her past and also in fighting to win the case.

Now about the cast, Vittoria Puccini is a famous Italian actress. She acts in both film and TV. And also, she is known as the best lead actress in the 2003 costume drama series Elisa di Rivombrosa.

Ruggero Barone – Francesco Scianna

Ruggero Barone is the negative character in the trials we can say. He is the defense lawyer in the case of Angelica. He is too much in attitude that fans say he is a show-off person.

As he wants to be famous in the market that he is giving his 100% effort to win the case. To win the case, he can able to do anything. That is the reason that people hate this character. And in my opinion, he played the role so well that people hate him.

Francesco Scianna in real life

And about the cast, Francesco Scianna is behind the man of this character. He is famous because of his acting skills in Baaria, The Prince of Crime, and Fasten Your Seatbelts.

He started acting in 2002 and debut in the movie. And after 2007 he is also performing in TV shows.

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Angelica Petroni – Margherita Caviezel

This series is based on Angelica Petroni. A 17-year-old girl. Whose body is discovered in a river at the beginning of the series?

The character of Angelica Petroni is played by Margherita Caviezel.

Now, if we talk about the acting side, then everyone loved the character of Vittoria Puccini, and according to the “She perfectly encapsulates her character’s guilt and struggles to come in terms with her past.

So, this is the character that played in the series the trials.