7 Things you don’t do when wearing a wig


Hair is the most noticeable and the best natural accessory a person has. One who is bestowed with a beautiful mane is naturally confident of his/her appearance because it is also associated with youth.

No doubt, one’s hair is the most important part of the look. People nowadays, take extra care of their hair and make the most of all the styling products available in the market. However, these products have their limitations.

This is when wigs come in very handy. To give more versatility to a person’s look, an amazing range of natural human hair wigs are available in the market. These wigs give just the perfect look one wants. They are very convenient and easy to use and come in amazing styles and colours. If you are scouting for a human hair wig then check this site to get an amazing variety of products.

The trick is to choose the right human hair wig as per the shape of the face, the attire and the look one wants to portray in order to stand out in the crowd. However,there are some things one should definitely avoid doing when wearing a wig. It is mainly to keep the wig in perfect shape and look fabulous for a longer period of time. Here are 7 of them.

1. Using hair products.

Source: manometcurrent.com

What works on regular hair might not be the perfect styling tool for a wig. Everyday shampoo, conditioner, and hair products will make the wig rough, unruly and uncontrollable. Infact, it is advised to use products meant specially for wigs to ensure better care and durability.

This is also applicable on heat styling products like hair straighteners, curlers and blow drying appliances. Synthetic wigs just won’t survive the extreme heat of these equipment.

2. Scrubbing the wig

Wigs cannot be handled like the natural human hairhair on the scalp. Though intermittent cleaning of wigs is important, the style has to be more gentle. Vigorous scrubbing and drying damages the hair fibre, and eventually reduces its quality and appearance.

Instead, it is advised that one just blots the wig on a soft cloth and then lets it air dry on a stand. There are brushes and combs sold specifically for wigs only. They ensure protecting the hair fibre of the wig. Only those should be used.

3. Swimming with the wig on head

Source: hairpros.edu

It is well known that chlorine water does a lot of damage to skin and hair. So, wearing a wig and swimming in a pool is a big no. The chlorine makes the hair fibre dull and frizzy and also causes damage to the wig cap.

Wearing a wig on the beach is also not recommended. Swimming in the beach waters should be avoided as the sea salt also reduces the lifespan of the hair fibre. If it is just splashing water, ahead bandana is a good solution.

4. Not wearing the wig properly

To preserve the aesthetics of the wig, it should be worn perfectly.
The hair underneath should be neatly set so that there are no lumps once the wig is worn. It will look very unnatural if it looks like the wig is just atop the head.

If the wig has lace, one must ensure to not make it visible on the forehead. Cut the lace edges in a neat way to avoid the edges being jagged and visible. It is preferred that one invests in a thin lace front wig which will look like the scalp once worn.
Make it start along with the natural hair if it is a non- lace wig. This will camouflage the lace.

One should remember that the natural human hairline is not perfect. If the wig hairline is too perfect it will definitely look unnatural.

5. Choosing the wrong colour and adhesive.

Source: womanofstyleandsubstance.com

One does not want to bring attention to the wig in the wrong way. The purpose of wearing a wig is to make it look a natural part of one’s attire, enhance the complete look and stand out in a positive way. One is free to experiment with colors, but it should be complementary to the skin tone. For example, if the skin tone is light, wigs in darker shades will suit the most.

A very important aspect sometimes ignored is the wig adhesives. Good quality and correct adhesive gives the perfect neatness after application. One doesn’t want the glue residue to be visible after it dries. It draws attention to the forehead and the wig. So let it dry out clear. It is always recommended to check for reviews on adhesives before purchasing.

Always test these glues and adhesives before using them on the entire skin. A patch test for 24 hours is the best way to confirm the quality of the glue. One definitely does not want burnt skin on the forehead.

6. Ignoring the real hair

If one gets carried away by the beauty of the wig, it becomes common to maintain the hygiene of the real hair beneath. Sweat and dampness can spoil one’s natural hair. Irritation, bad odor, and hair loss are inevitable in such cases. Choose a net wig cap that allows the scalp to stay dry and comfortable. These net wig caps allow the airflow inside the wig and protect one’s natural hair from damage.

7. Not taking a break.

However much it is tempting to style yourself with the beautiful and gorgeous wigs available, it is equally important to give the hair a break. Every few days one should keep the wig aside. It is recommended to plan ahead of any activities that can be extreme on the wig, for example, intense workouts.


So that was all about what things one must not do when wearing a wig. The perfection in look comes only with practice. Human hair wigs will definitely tend to be a little heavy and thicker which makes managing them art in itself. If one is a first-time user, D.I.Y videos on the internet will definitely help. One can also approach professional wig stylists if not confident during the initial trials.