5 Tips for Creating a Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

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It is one of the most iconic styles that originated in America in the middle of the 20th century. It gave origin to many art styles and directions popular today. The 1950s were the time of change that was directly reflected in the design. People wanted something new after the recently ended World War II. Industrialization developed very fastly and there was an industrial upsurge everywhere. Urbanization was accelerating at a fantastic pace because more and more people were moving from village to city. Travel was becoming much more popular and moving from place to place was an everyday thing.

Among the designers involved in the creation of the mid-century modern were Vladimir Kogan, Ufficio Tecnico, Harry Bertoia. Its main components and indispensable attributes are Scandinavian simplicity in contrast to American brightness, lightness and expressiveness of forms with extraordinary purity of lines and the highest quality of execution. Scandinavian style and mid-century modern are united in their love for simple shapes, geometric prints and natural materials.

1. Feeling

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America in the 1950s-60s, flowing forms, wood panels, prints in fabrics, simplicity of furniture. Is this style relevant today? People spend more time watching TV and at home, but nevertheless objects of the mid-century modern era are classic. They create a unique style of comfort and freedom at the same time. Modern designers very often use items of this style in their interiors, for example, the chairs of Charles and Ray Eames, which you can check on the ErgoTune. It is not necessary to embody the mid-century modern completely; it is enough to use just a few details or accessories to create a unique design.

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The mid-century modern interior is a mix in which different styles are combined and it is especially suitable for apartments with modern asymmetrical layouts. Such interiors are chosen by people who lead an active lifestyle and are eager for change, ready to travel and constantly be in the spotlight.

2. Art

What immediately catches the eye in the mid-century modern interior? Abstract artwork is the hallmark of this style: abstract prints on upholstery and curtains, abstract paintings and sculptures by Harry Bertoia, vintage pieces of furniture. In the middle of the last century, pop culture flourished very brightly, so it was reflected in the interior. Andy Warhol-style posters, posters with pin-art and comics characters and so on are perfect for decorating a space in the mid-century modern style. How to zone space in such an interior? There are openwork partitions and racks and there are no heavy elements. This style does not tolerate heavy artsy classics, no need to overdo it with decor. This is the style of aesthetes, minimalism and plastic, everything in it requires measure and a sense of taste. In decoration, natural materials are most often found. And such an interior will always be relevant because it is timeless; the finish cannot be over complicated or overdone with many details. It is better to choose fabrics with natural cotton or velvet dot in wall decoration; wallpapers with an abstract pattern and wood are also suitable.

One of the main accents of such an interior is the collection of modern art. It does not have to be a real art gallery, having 4-5 pieces is enough. So that nothing would distract from your collection, choose furniture and objects of simple shapes.

3. Color

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The mid-century modern style is very calm and creates a feeling of self-confidence. This was very important for people at that historical moment. This also makes the interior popular today. It is better to turn to the natural colors – white, gray, brown, dark green, beige, sand – in the design. They will become an excellent background for bright unusual prints and fabrics with active patterns. To create a warm atmosphere, you can choose terracotta, orange, mustard. Delicate colors such as burgundy, sky blue, avocado will do.


Unexpectedly, special attention should be paid to the choice of lamps because in this style they play not only a functional role but also a decorative one. To depart from the classic design with one chandelier in the center, division into light zones with the help of table lamps and additional lighting has become very popular.

The middle of the last century became synonymous with freedom, people were ready for experiments, therefore, a lot of original unusual ideas appeared in the interiors. Bright and bold prints, patterns of geometric shapes and abstraction patterns of bizarre objects such as lamps appeared. Wallpaper with a geometric print cannot be used for the entire apartment, but it will become a bright and effective accent that will bring focus to this area of ​​the interior. The natural striving for brightness and comfort after the unusual features of the classic modern of the 1930s and at the same time the horrors of the real world found their reflection in the style of the mid-century modern style.


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It is important to consider that nature should influence the structure of space. In mid-century architecture, large windows often played a key role. Today’s designers can implement these principles by adding more windows to a house project or freeing existing ones from dark curtains. As design elements, you can choose products made from natural materials such as wood, metal, leather or cotton fabrics. Don’t be afraid to push the limits, adding greenery will only accentuate your design. In this interior, the influence of eco-style is clearly guessed, because in general, the use of natural materials (especially wood) is characteristic of the mid-century modern.

Everything about this style strives for life, looking for affirming and ergonomic forms. The mid-century modern energizes, demonstrates the bright individuality of its owner and fits perfectly into modern interior trends while allowing for maximum comfort. If you want more inspiration on Mid-Century modern interior design styles, you can check out design ideas from this article by Swiss Interior.