How To Save Money On Online Flower Delivery Services


Whether you want to show someone you care, freshen up your home, or apologise, or if you messed up with something, the most elegant and decent way of showing you’re sorry is through flowers. Flowers are a living wonder of nature that is incredibly vibrant, good to smell and attractive. They are the most beautiful aspect of the plant kingdom.

Flowers express innocence and beauty, all while looking bold as well. There are many colours in the plant kingdom that are beautifully embedded into the very cells of flowers. Flowers have been a symbol of decoration for many events with high demand during festivities. The variety of colours gives them such high demand, and different types of flowers are exotic.

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Given how attractive flowers are, it makes sense that everybody loves them. But as they say, beauty has a price and boy. Flowers sure are pricey.

Hop on a flower delivery website, and chances are, you’d spend a minimum of 50 dollars. So even despite the expensive nature of the flower market we still prefer to buy them for a special occasion or a special someone. But what if we told you that you could save money online while availing of flower delivery services in intelligent and cheeky ways? Without further ado, let’s jump in.

How Flower Delivery Services Charge You


So let’s look at buying flowers online. A dozen red roses on the week of valentines day costs around thirty-five to forty dollars from major online flower retailers. Across the market, there’s a solid effort for upselling. Adding a vase costs you an additional ten dollars, long-stemmed roses, additional costs, Godiva chocolates, noon delivery, packaging, and so on and so forth are some of the areas that flower delivery services are sure to rack up on your bill.

This is how a 40 dollar bouquet of roses can quickly turn into a 100 dollar order. These companies have invested interest in getting you to add extra. And why is that? Because flowers by themselves are pretty cheap. And since flowers are most often gifts, consumers are most likely to add on other items to add to the perceived value of the gift.

An example of this would be adding a plush toy, chocolates and gift cards with the flowers to make it seem more than just flowers being gifted. You’ve most probably bought all these flowers on a floral wire delivery service. Companies such as 1-800 flowers, Teleflora and FTD are examples of floral wire delivery services.

They are a nationwide network of brick and mortar floral companies. When you buy from any of these sites, you’re buying from a local florist. This network of floral companies turned into money-draining sites. Once the potential for flowers in the country was realised, competing floral companies sprung up and began to fight for their survival and growth through higher profits.

Change From Cooperative Businesses To Independent Companies


After the change into independent floral companies was completed was when the add on costs for customers emerged. The flowers themselves weren’t as costly as they were provided by local florists who paid a certain fee to these newly emerged companies to be a part of this network.

These floral wire delivery services began to acquire companies that were closely related to flowers. For example, 1-800 flowers acquired a company for their glass vases, which would then be sold as an add-on, which would mean higher costs on your head.

How To Save Money On Flowers

Now that we’ve stated the problem that you’re probably already facing, we might as well give you the solution now. There are a few ways that you can get around the system and buy flowers for a way lower price than what you pay for.

  • Direct Florist Purchase


Instead of spending a minimum of a 100 dollar order on your online flowers, another cheaper method would be to directly approach florists themselves that are spread out across a city. In the past, when floral wire delivery services first emerged, they exploited the lack of consumer knowledge about the whereabouts of the wholesale florists.

Now that most florists are listed online, you can check google maps, directly leading you to them, thereby effectively saving at least 50 plus dollars.

  • Budgeting

One of the most critical areas where online floral services exploit money is when they suggest specific amounts of flowers. People don’t pay much attention and buy flowers to get on with it. When you budget your flower purchase, you are more likely to save and not waste money.

And instead of using online services, use independent florists and give them your budget for whatever occasion you’re buying the flowers for.

  • Be self-sufficient

Despite delivering the flowers, some online services also provide options of professional decoration for your occasions. In the name of professionalism, you will likely have to pay a lot more money than you ever thought. Hence, one other way to save money would be through imagination and creativity by doing the decorations yourself.

  • Demand-based flowers


Based on the season that they are being sold, flowers will have fluctuating demands. Flowers in the peak of their season will be in high supply, and hence the overall price level of the flowers will reduce. So another way to save money is to buy flowers during high supply, which ensures lower costs.

  • Avoid Add ons

As tempting as it is to buy the add ons right where it is available, refrain from buying them on online sites as this will save you money. Go to other physical establishments where they are sold at a cheaper cost. This way, you don’t have to incur high costs online with just a little bit of effort.