What should I look for when buying a katana

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Each of us has different interests. It can be said about literally every segment of life. We can look for different interests in everything. From the workplace to the way we want to have fun. Differences are all around us, we just need to find ourselves in something and love the way others do not want it. So each of us can love different genres of books, movie series, different music, some can fall in love with geography, some with history, and some can fall in love with a particular culture. When we say in a specific culture we mean the culture of a nation, ie a country.

Thus, a growing number of people today with the opportunity to travel got the opportunity to get acquainted with certain cultures, and some of them even fell in love with them and continued to nurture some of those cultures in their lives. Thus, a growing number of people began to travel to African countries, to European countries, and most of them began to travel to Asian countries that are far more attractive to them than all the others. The top destinations are India, the Asian part of Russia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and of course Japan.

Of all these countries, Japan is particularly attractive to people. Reason? The great difference of the Japanese people from all other nations, their discipline and orderliness are the number one factor due to which more and more people decide to go there and get to know Japan. Yes, Japanese culture and cuisine also play a huge role. Many people are in love with dishes that come from the land of the sun, especially sushi, which is the most popular Japanese dish. More and more people are interested in Japanese history, Japanese martial arts, and what their culture promotes. Thus, a growing number of people are interested in that, to see the martial arts and everything related to them, and as a particularly interesting moment stands out the katana, its use, and handling. There are special schools that teach foreigners to use katana, and that is irresistible for anyone coming to Japan for the first time. So after they finish their trip to Japan or after falling in love simply with the katana and its handling, some of them decide to get it, even as a sovereign at home. But what do you need to look for when buying a katana? What to look out for? We find out in continuation of this article that we have compiled to help you get a quality katana.

1. Katana needs to be made of the highest quality iron possible

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The Japanese are a people who always rely on the quality and a nation that is always committed to quality. They do not respect quality and therefore always try to respond with quality to the demand for products, even when it comes to katana. They all over the world offer their own concept of making katana, which has quality iron as its main component. This is the main feature of the katana that you can recognize even those offered by wickedswords.com who can boast of a quality selection of katanas made according to all Japanese quality standards without which this can not be produced and sold. product.

2. It is necessary to have a good handle that would fit well in the palm

For such a special traditional sword it is especially important to have a good handle. No, this is not a joke, the Japanese pay the most attention to the handle. Wondering why? This is because such a traditional sword used in wrestling needs to fit well in the palm, and with that, it could be easily handled. If the handle is not well made then the handling would be significantly difficult, which would mean that the katana would be unusable for the purpose for which it was made, ie it could not be handled and used in recreational wrestling.

3. It needs to be well protected, ie have a well-made case

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Another segment in which you need to be careful in the way of storage. It should be stored in a well-made case in which the katana would not be destroyed. It is usually recommended to keep it in a case that is made of 100% natural leather in which the sword itself would be well enough protected. The workmanship must be made of leather because if it is made of some solid material, the sword itself could be scratched, destroyed, and that would reduce its value, but would also destroy the flawless appearance that characterizes this object.

4. You need to be careful not to buy a damaged katana –

A destroyed katana has many features that you need to avoid when buying. The first thing that is important for her is to have a handle that is complete, ie it does not lack pieces. If the handle is missing pieces, it would be awkward to hold and would cut your palm. The second thing that matters is that it is shiny. Shine is something that characterizes the katana as an object. Shiny katana means both quality and preserved katana. A third thing to look out for is that it is not too sharp. Usually, when bought it needs to be slightly sharpened because today it is primarily used for recreational purposes, not for combat.

5. Buy it legally

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You need to be careful in the buying process. What does that mean? If you are already buying such an item, you need to buy it legally, ie it should be through legal distributors who, according to all regulations, legally offer and sell the product. Many fraudsters sell items that are banned and considered weapons and the like. It is, therefore, necessary to first check the laws in your country of origin, whether they allow the possession of a katana, and if so, find out the restrictions. However, the purchase must be in accordance with the law.

Keep these few things in mind so that you can choose something that will be primarily quality, valuable to look at and store, but also something that will fulfill you and finally satisfy your desire to have the item.