Trampoline Safety Rules That You Should Know in 2024


Trampolines are popular with children and teenagers – but in recent years, they are a major success in the adult population. That is not a surprise when we consider all the health benefits it brings us. Although it is very healthy to enjoy being in the air and jumping – just one wrong jump can be enough to cause dangerous and sometimes even permanent injuries. That is why security measures must be strictly observed. Therefore, we will draw your attention to the trampoline safety rules that you should know about.

Trampoline Jumping – Enjoyment For All Generations


If you thought that jumping on the trampoline is an activity that is only related to children – you were wrong. Today, the trampoline is very popular among adults as one of the most rewarding physical activities. Exercising on a trampoline is suitable for all age groups, both men and women – regardless of physical condition. When you add to that the fact that jumping on a mini-trampoline can burn up to 405 calories in 30 minutes, and that NASA research has shown that it is as much as 68% more efficient than running – you will ask yourself a question: What else do you need to get started with this activity?

Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline

When jumping on a trampoline, one gains fitness, melts fat deposits, stimulates circulation, and activates the lymphatic system – which expels toxins from the body. Vertical forces during jumps alternately open and close the lymphatic valves, change the cellular pressure – and thus clean the body for many hours after exercise. Every cell has the benefits of this kind of exercise – which is why this type of exercise is also called cellular exercise. This type of training stimulates a large consumption of fat cells – and effectively removes excess weight, shapes the body, and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and skeletal system.

Is Jumping On A Trampoline Safe?


Although today almost all generations enjoy jumping on the trampoline – the fact is that children are the ones who love trampoline the most. This is completely natural because children are full of energy that they have to use somewhere. This is also one of the good ways to “make your children tired” – so they will sleep like angels after jumping. However, there are some opinions about the trampoline as a very dangerous thing – which is not recommended for small children. On the other hand, we also have opinions that speak positively in favor of the development of children’s motoric skills. So, where is the truth then? As usual – somewhere in between. Namely, the benefits of jumping on a trampoline have long been known and confirmed. However, the issue of safety must be marked as the most important one. So what should we adhere to in this regard, and what we mustn’t forget when it comes to safety, especially for children? Here are some answers.

Safety Rules We Should Obey

If a child asks you to get him a trampoline, you should think carefully and be aware of all the dangers. However, if you do decide to buy a trampoline, regardless of the risk – try to follow these trampoline safety tips:

  • Children under the age of 7 should not use the trampoline

It is believed that children under this age should not use a trampoline at all. Their children’s perception, as well as impatience, can lead to unwanted consequences. Children’s bones are still relatively soft and brittle during this period – and fractures and similar injuries can easily occur.

  • Use safety net and pads

Be sure to install the trampoline housing – that’s a specially designed net that surrounds the trampoline. According to, the safest trampoline is the one with a net – because it protects against possible falls outside of the trampoline. Additionally, you may also cover the hooks and the frame by using shock-absorbing pads. You should also check for additional equipment.

  • Don’t allow any unsupervised jumping

Do not install climbing ladders on the device, as they could cause small children to use the trampoline on their own. You should be following all the trampoline safety guidelines. And never leave your kids to use it without any supervision of an adult.Limit activities
Do not allow more than one or two persons max, to use it at the same time – and never allow unattended use. Do not permit any kind of overturns, shifts, or some other moves that may be dangerous. If anyone wants to use the trampoline, inform him about the trampoline safety rules.

  • Place at least near ground level

Try to install the trampoline at a safe distance from other objects. It would be best if you could install the trampoline in the hole – so that the level of the jump is flush with the ground.

Distinguish between the indoor and outdoor trampoline

Although many will think it’s the same thing, it’s not. Indoor trampolines are clearly smaller and adapted to the interior space. Also, they are intended for kids, so they have an already installed safety net. You can use these for a children’s room, playroom, etc. They are adapted to different weights but are not intended for adults. In contrast, outdoor trampolines do not always have a safety net and can support different weights. They are intended for outdoor usage, and the materials are adapted to be quite resistant to external influences. Depending on what you need – you will make your choice.

Additional Tips


When you have a trampoline, safety doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on your little one. You must make sure that the trampoline is technically in good condition and that you have assembled it safely. Also, you need to take care of these things:

  • Equipment maintenance and inspection

As with any other sports equipment, you need to pay attention to the condition of your trampoline. Namely, like everything else, trampolines wear out. Their durability certainly depends on how long you use it and how you use it. Therefore, as with other equipment, the rule of careful maintenance and condition checking applies. You need to have a habit of checking parts of the trampoline every time before someone uses it. Sometimes the “legs” wear out quickly, sometimes it’s an elastic pad – but it’s up to you to check every time and keep the equipment in good condition.

Don’t forget about the insurance

When you decide to install a trampoline in your yard, it means that you should inform the insurance company about it. You may have covered possible injuries with your policy – but this will not apply if you have installed a trampoline after you have already obtained an insurance plan. Therefore, be sure to request for this part to be included in your insurance policy – so that in case of injuries, you are covered by insurance.


Unfortunately, this type of activity, besides having a positive effect on children’s motor development, elasticity, and good balance – also represents a large risk of possible injuries for both kids and adults. Falling off a trampoline or using it in the wrong way may end up with various sprains, possible fractures – or even worse – head or neck injuries. Therefore, adherence to trampoline safety rules is a necessity.

When jumping on a trampoline, you should always follow trampoline safety rules. We have compiled a list of the trampoline safety rules that you need to know.