Venom 2: Get Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything Till Know


Venom is going to return with a sequel. This Tom Hardy starring movie was firstly released in 2018.

Release date: 

Venom 2 is officially going to release this year. In October, our hero is coming back into action. The exact date is not confirmed yet.


The cast from the first part is going to be repeated in the second part too. This includes Tom Hardy playing as Venom, Woody Harrelson would be the carnage, Michelle William is playing Anne wearing, Reid Scott would be Anne’s boyfriend, Naomie Harris as a shriek.


Other than that, Stephen Graham is also joining the cast of Venom 2. But we don’t know much about his character in this movie.

Trailer Release:

The first trailer is not released yet, but we have news that it will be released anytime soon. To be exact, it’ll be in February 2024. That means we are going to watch it soon. Interesting, isn’t it!!


Venom 2 may be having a crossover between our favorite superheroes. We are expecting a Spiderman crossover.


But it’s still being discussed so we don’t have any official news whether we will get to see Spiderman or not.

So waiting till the Venom 2 release in October is our only option to know the story.