We Never Learn Chapter 156: What new twist will the rom-com anime bring this time?

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After a two weeks-long time of fans waiting for the new chapter, We Never Learn Chapter 156 is finally releasing.

Recently, the release schedules of most anime and manga shows have been disturbed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Out of all the shows, Shonen Jump manga are now put on a different schedule. Each chapter will now release after 2 weeks instead of one.

We Never Learn Chapter 156 Release Date

The new chapter of this show is releasing on the 10th of May. As mentioned earlier, the new 2-week schedule has been put into practice. So, since Chapter 155 released on the 26th of April 2024, the new chapter is releasing 2 weeks after that (On 10th May).

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Read the new chapter online

You can read each new chapter online as soon as it is released on Shueisha’s Manga plus and VIZ Media official platforms. We recommend you to read the new chapter of We Never Learn on their official websites.

This will be a great support for the Manga creators and publishers. In addition, you will also stay away from encountering errors and manipulation in the originally posted content.

We Never Learn Plot

The series follows Nariyuki Yuiga’s struggles and experiences in securing a university scholarship. He is a senior high school student in Ichinose Academy. He belongs to an impoverished family, and to get a scholarship, his principal puts forward a condition. In order to get the scholarship, he has to tutor three girls who are geniuses in different fields.

So, in We Never Learn, Nariyuki has to help them in improving the subjects they are very bad at. Furthermore, along with the task of working with Nariyuki to strengthen their academics, the girls have another trouble growing. Gradually, they start developing feelings for Nariyuki. Hence, the story is full of twists and turns.

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We Never Learn main characters.

Nariyuki Yuiga (A high school boy working towards getting a scholarship)

Fumino Furuhashi (Great at literature but very weak at mathematics)

Rizu Ogata (A mathematics genius who is poor at literature)

Uruka Takemoto (A skilled athlete, but an academically weak girl)