What Type Of Men’s Underwear Is The Most Comfortable?

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The primary aspect that everyone looks for in innerwear is comfort and light fabric. You need to be a model or have a perfect physique to show off the innerwear to people. Also, it’s common for many people to avoid briefs as they don’t feel comfortable.

Since its beginning, the men’s innerwear and briefs industry has undergone many changes in fabrics, designs, finesse, and durability. Experts recently began working on many flattering styles and shapes, from G-strings to baggy nappies for men.

When the concern is to look good from the inside as well, you shouldn’t ignore the underwear department. If you want to look appealing and still don’t want to compromise on the comfort factor, you might get stylish-looking undies from ABCunderwear.com, as they’ve got a fine collection of sexy men’s underwear. In this article, you further know about various men’s underwear types, as you would not want to embarrass yourself with dark color, hole-istic, and faded undies.


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These can be your daily, get-to-the-go undergarments. Plenty of rises and color options (low, medium, and high) designs exist.

The designs let briefs conceal the buttocks and privates, but their coverage wouldn’t be extended to the legs or thighs. As there isn’t any additional fabric, it might not be considered an excellent fitting option for people who require thigh support, but it also lets briefs fit well in tightly held clothing pieces.

Briefs are considered the best option for daily routines and mild sports.

Three types of comfortable briefs are available in the market:

  • Low-rise briefs: They are right below your waistline and above your hips. You can pair them with low-rise jeans, gym clothes, and shorts.
  • Mid-rise briefs: It rests at your waistline. It fits well with board shorts and has dress pants and regular jeans.
  • High-rise briefs: Stops below your belly button. It is designed to smoothen your stomach region appearance and conceal love handles. It is best to put them on with high-waist trousers.


These are among the most comfortable options for men. It is perfect for someone who would want to feel airy down. The style provides a lot of breathability, but support is needed in the intimate region.

So it is possible to enjoy relaxing boxers at home. They are perfect for lounging. You can also walk around nearby, but it is not the perfect gym innerwear. It is not possible to include jumping jacks in the routine while wearing boxers.

You can go with the relaxed fit and ignore the burlap sack. Both have significant differences. The fabric needs to be soft. Its fit should make the overall lower area feel relaxed after not being inside the tight-fitting jeans.

Boxer Briefs

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As it is clarified from the name, the boxer-brief offers the best from both aspects. People also call them “briefs plus” while they reach to cover half of the thighs. With these, you get comfort and support. The super comfortable design was the brainchild of famous underwear designer Calvin Klein.

The designer also launched a famous line of men’s underwear in 1992. Soon the design gained popularity as the boxer briefs, and rapper Marky Mark modeled it. It is made through a comfortable fabric mix of spandex and cotton. These are perfect for daily use.


These fashionable and comfortable underwear are a mix of boxers and briefs, but they don’t have additional fabric covering the thighs. The different trunks showcase the square-cut look with smaller legs than boxer briefs.

Trunks are defined as shorter boxer briefs or longer ones. Again Calvin Klein introduced trunks in 1999 for enough casual wear coverage. So the undies don’t peep out when you’re chilling in boy shorts. Trunks are comfortable and sexy options, but they’re not the best for people who are into sports.

Sports Underwear

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These are not cotton-tightly whites as it has to be breathable and moveable. Men who are into sports prefer Athletic Boxer Briefs because of the additional material in the legs. These undergarments are meant for skin-on-skin contact. It lets the material wick excess sweat but also helps to avoid any rashes, chafing, and jock itch.

You will find sports underwear made from polyester, nylon, bamboo, and Merino wool. These are known for their breathability and the ability to wick sweat.

Dual Pouch Underwear

The dual pouch men’s underwear is a mixture of stretchy material and cotton. Most are comfortable and breathable. The underwear is designed to keep men’s regions fresh and separate, keeping them out of sticky things. It is possible to wear these while doing vigorous activities such as racing, cycling, or other gym activities.

Padded Underwear

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These have silicone pads on the backside that are easy to separate. They are among the most comfortable and great-looking options out there. These are made with hidden shaped pockets on the front side. They are okay to get the appearance of tighter and well-shaped bums with a better fit. You get the lift and additional size without visible lines with the pads.

It is a perfect option for cycling, gym, racing, and other strenuous activities.


These underwear options are perfect for people who want to conceal their innerwear under their pants or jeans. Such men’s underwear rests between the hips and is flattering for ones with a flat stomach. The main difference between hipsters and trunks is that they have higher waistbands resting on their hips.


While some people might not have heard about them, men’s thongs are a thing! They are the minimum of support, fabric, and coverage. For people, who don’t wish to have visibility of underwear lines, things are comfortable and sexy choices.

There is less coverage on the front side linked to strings moving around the waist. They leave the back bare. It is possible to put them on while relaxing, during spa sessions, at beaches, and under swimwear.

Two adaptations are there for men’s thongs: T-shape and G-string thongs. T-shaped thongs have thick waistbands and offer better coverage at the front.

Bikini Briefs

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Many bikini bottoms don’t feature waistbands and flys. They are great options for sunbathing. However, it also looks stunning on a bodybuilder or a fitness model putting on one. Bikini briefs are not meant for activities like swimming. They also conceal more area than G-strings or jockstraps, making them better options.


The above-listed underwear options are best for the comfort requirements of all men. However, it’s best to consider a delicate balance between design and comfort when it comes to a good buy. It is best not to judge the innerwear by its price, as the fabric and design play a vital part in making it comfortable for the masses. Always consider color, material, support, comfort, and fitting.

When you are not feeling good in the intimates after putting them on, you’ll have to struggle for the whole day regardless of how cheap or expensive the outfit you’re putting on. Thus, it is best to invest in comfortable and good-quality pairs.