When is Stranded Season 2 releasing? What is the update on its plot? Here’s all you need to know! 


Stranded is one of the most successful Thai television series. It is a mixture of science fiction drama, Asian horror elements, and fantasy as well. Also, this Netflix has grabbed massive attention from the audience.

The first season itself has made a significant impact on viewers’ minds. We have to say that this series has created a name for of it’s own all over the globe. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Stranded Season 2.

The Stranded
A still from The Stranded

This has become one of the most thrilling horror series which has entertained the audience by its remarkable performance.

The Thai Netflix Original, Stranded, is all about the 30 students who get trapped in a mysterious island at the time when the tsunami hits.

After spending several days on this deserted island, they start to realise that no one is going to save or help them. Gradually as the season moves forward, we can sense a strange presence that disturbs all of them on the island badly.

The fans are super-excited to know what will happen next to those students. Well, for the mystery to be solved, we should know more about the release date of Season 2.
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What is the release date of Stranded season 2?

The Netflix Original Stranded season 2, has not got any official release date as of now. The makers of the show have not given out any statement regarding this. But, as per the reports, the next season will also follow the same trend that was followed by the Season 1. Stranded Season 1 hit the screens on November 15, 2019. So, as per that information, the next can be expected by the end of 2024 or by the beginning of 2024.

Who are the cast members of Season 2? 

As of now, since there is no new information about the Season 2, we can expect the same cast of Season 1 to be there for Season 2. More information can be known when there is an announcement regarding the form.

Till then, the cast members who are expected are:

  • Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang as Joey
  • Wynn Pawin Kulkaranyawich as Nat
  • Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote as Karam
  • Chutawat Phatrkampol as Anan
  • Sinjai Plenpanich as Professor Lin
  • Ticha Wongthipkanont as Ying
  • Kittisak Patomburana as Ice
  • Chanya McClory as Nahm
The Stranded
A still from The Stranded

What can be the plot of Stranded Season 2?

Well, as of now, there is not much information regarding the plot of season 2. Also, it is even more challenging to predict the plotline of Season 2 when Season 1 ended without giving any clue or mystery to wait for. But, as the viewers of the first season, we can expect more spooky drama and adventures up for us, in the next season.

Is there a trailer released for the next season yet? 

At this moment, no trailer has been released for the Season 2 of this most awaited show, Stranded. The show makers have given out no information regarding the release of the next season. But, as per sources, we can expect a trailer release by the end of this year.

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