When will Attack On Titan’s: Season 4 hit the screens? (SPOILER ALERT)


Shingeki no Kyojin is also famously called Attack on Titan. It is one of the most popular anime of the modern era. This is to officially warn you that this article will have some spoilers from the previous seasons as well as the upcoming season. So, beware!

Just as we saw that the Season 3 of Attack on Titan ended, the next season of the show is already announced. Attack on Titan season 4 will be released by the fall of this year 2023. It is also important to remember that the fourth season of Attack on Titan will be its last ever season as the story of manga has already ended.

Attack on Titan
A still from Attack on Titan

In this season, there will be a final battle happening between the Titans and humans, as a part of the last episode of the season. Even, if the show does not go on, this will remain as one of the most spectacular displays of all-time.

When and where will Attack on Titan Season 4 release? 

Attack on Titan Season 4 will be released by October 2023. The release will happen around the fall of 2023. You have a lot of platforms to watch this show. You can watch this online on NetflixFunimation, Hulu, AnimeLab, Yamato Animation, etc. The creator of the show is Hajime Isayama. The runtime of each episode of Attack on Titan is 25 minutes.

Predictions about the show! 

This time the story is expected to go overseas as the survey corps make significant progress. The protagonist Eren along with Arlert, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin, will cross the sea and will find out some exciting details. The entire time, they will be following Eren’s father’s journals. This journal was finally found Erin in the last season.

Also, lots of new amazing details will be revealed about the history of humans and titans. This will be the last showdown between the two races. So, we won’t see any new season of Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan. After hearing this, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Latest updates on the show! 

Attack on Titan is all set for its final season. A recently released PV gives fans an insight as to what they should expect in the upcoming season. Season 4 will be aired in two parts same as season 3. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 will have ten episodes and Part 2 will have 12 events. As we have seen with the release of all the seasons, the show is famous for its delay in release date. We can expect the same to happen in this last season.

Even though the release has been set for the fall, due to this ongoing pandemic, the staffs are not available for the productions work. They have to work with the limited team which us slow down the action.

Attack on Titan
A still from Attack on Titan

Since, Season 4 is mentioned to be the final season; this might lead to sum-up with the clash between Marley and Indians. We can predict this, but there is no revelation about the plot yet. This season may also witness the disclosure of the secrets of the darker world. According to rumours, this time, the story can go abroad as the review corps gain an incredible ground.

The hero of the show, Eren along with Mikasa, Levi, Arlert, and Armin will cross the ocean and discover some completely inspiring subtleties. They will be following what is written in Eren’s dad’s diaries, which were finally found by Erin in the last season. That’s all we have for now.

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