X-Men: [SPOILER] Is Back With a BOLD New Motto.


An iconic and beloved member of the X-Men is back in form with a lot of action. And they have a brand new motto for the movie. It indicates that’s terrible news for one of Marvel’s most vile mutants so far.

One of the most lovable members of the X-Men series has always been Kitty Pryde(woohoo). However, when Kitty returned from the dead in the pages of Marauders, she had a very different outlook. After then, the young teenager who was always trying to find herself in part.

As Storm said, the little girl(Kitty) that she once tried to abandon her because of her haircut has grown up so long. Kitty is now Kate Pryde. The Red Queen of the Hellfire Company and so fandom. And she is someone with a new motto spelt out via her new tats: “Kill Shaw.”

Kitty Pryde

This story goes back to the Marauders scene. #6 by Gerry Duggan, Mario Del Pennino and also Matteo Lolli when Sebastian Shaw planned attack to get Kate alone on a ship while. He attacked on Kate. And found a way to keep her mutant powers at bay itself. And he used Krakoan vines to drag her into the water shell and hod her. He watched her drown. As Kate died, she yelled out that she will live again and kill Shaw for sure. She was making him beg for her blade and her death. Shaw seemed so confused. And as he said that suppressing her mutant powers would also keep her from coming back. And with the Resurrection Protocols. Shaw was right.

What was Shaw’s Goal, in X-Men?


Shaw’s explicit goal was to take her power. The power from the Quiet Council of Krakoa to give him a second seat at the table. AND he also planned to take the third seat ofcourse by eliminating Emma. Shaw appeared firm on his way to taking that power. And as Professor X revealed they were still unable to bring Kate back after this. And as of Marauders #9 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli said so far. However, Emma learned Shaw killed Pryde. Emma finally find out why she was not able to come out from her egg after 18 tries. And she reached in and brought her back on the land of the living. Frost foiled Shaw’s plans.

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