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P0rnstar Mia-Khalifa Shared Her Holiday Pictures: ‘I’m Your Holiday Treat Makes Everyone Special

Former pornstar and adult movie actress Mia Khalifa shared her Christmas pictures on her twitter handler. She is enjoying her Christmas holidays that she is wearing Christmas clothes. She shared her photos as Christmas surprise for her all the followers on twitter.

26-year-old Mia Khalifa was a former pornstar that she had done much collaboration with famous porn making companies. Now she turned her occupation to the sports commentator. Till the date, she does the adult photoshoot too.


She wears her signature glasses in the photo and nothing but tights pants, deer antlers and an orange jumper with the text “I’m your holiday treat”. Her 2.9 million followers react to her photo and there are many interesting tweets given by her followers too.

The post is already liked more than 5,000 times and it was retweeted by some more 225 people.

Recently Mia has announced about her marriage with Swedish chef Robert Sandberg. She is all set to spend her Christmas and new year with him.

mia tweet

Some days ago, Mia Khalifa has also shared a short video with a similar background where she unwrapped an avocado as her Christmas gift, which she rushed to taste and give mix reactions to that taste.

After leaving the carrier in porn industries, Mia gives some interesting and different news like about her new carrier or what we can say about her marriage. It shows that she will never disappoint her fans with her updates.

We are still looking forward to getting updates about her marriage and also her pre and post-trip plans for her marriage. We will keep giving updates about her.

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From Mia Khalifa to you all the guys “Marry Christmas”.

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