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Re Zero Season 2 Episode 11, Know the Details

The 2020 anime which checks every genre would be Re Zero. Anime including romance, action fantasy and even time travel and many more, Re Zero should be in every anime lover’s bucket list. With adorable cuteness of Rem and Subaru, and little bit for everything. Here’s full information about the upcoming Re Zero season 2 episode 11.


Release date of Re Zero season 2 episode 11:

The episode will air on 16th September 2020 at 10:30 P.M. (ASIA/TOKYO TIME) (Japan Standard Time). The time mentioned is for the premium users, as for non-premium users, it will get released within a week.

The season is available at Crunchyroll with traditional Japanese audio and English subtitle.

With first season can be enjoyed in English at various platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV. While for the second season, there are rumours to get release soon; we will keep updating the dated about it.



Subaru returns to Japan to face his past. In the episode we can see his parents and Kenichi and Naoko. We can also see Subaru’s behaviour and personality, which gives surety that he has retained the character development happened in Season 1. Emilia and Rem got some scenes too. Subaru forgets his past self and decides to have a school life. When he arrives at the school, we can see Echidna, the witch of greed waiting for him.

Things got worse when Crush and Rem encountered Lye and Regulas. When Lye and Regulas confronted the Subaru’s crew, the duos were no match for them. In the battle, Crusch loses his limb while defending himself from the Regulas attack. And Rem’s memories were taken by Lye, which results in losing her abilities.

All in All, Re Zero’s seaon 2 last released episode gave a bunch of stuff to wonder upon. The creator introduces three new characters. The one who created a white whale in the rabbit. And we can see good character development in the story, including the characters. The explanations are defined, with more screen time of witches. Witches came out with good personality.

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